Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love & Marriage - Faith

Today is the last of the Love & Marriage Series.  This is the first series I have actually kept up with and done the entire way through.  Aren't you proud of me?  I've really enjoyed this series.  I have loved reading all the other bloggers posts so much and I always think reflecting on ones own marriage is a good thing!

Today's post is about wrapping it all up.  And when I think of our marriage, one word comes to mind...Faith.  As most know, Andrew and I have been together for forever it seems.  We were together a long time before we got married.  We became great friends before we started dating and we even went to prom together.  There was a point or two in our dating relationship tenure where I didn't know if he was the one though.  I wanted him to be so very badly, but it just seemed at the time that things weren't lining up. Without going into too much detail, lets just say that things were happening that were preventing us to be together.  There was a time, when I was struggling so very badly with the thought of him not being my future husband, that I hit a very very low point in my life.  Thankfully, God placed some amazing people in my life at this time to bring me up.  One person in particular, a very very dear friend, was a Godsend.  She would speak to me for hours and just listen to me.  One piece of advice she gave me though, spoke mountains to me.  She told me that if I could see Andrew as the father of my children, then I shouldn't give up.  This was huge to me.  At that point I turned my situation over to God, like my stubborn self should have done in the first place.  I can tell you that I truly felt a sense of relief come over me.  I knew then, that if we were meant to be, then we would be, but that I had to let God be in control of the details.  

Fast forward to a few years later, we are married and  wanting to start a family.  After we had been struggling with infertility for quite some time, I once again gave up my stubborn controlness and turned the situation over to God.   After a year and a half of infertility struggles, we were blessed with our little blessing at the perfect time.  God sure knows what he is doing, huh?!?

Why do I tell you all this?  Most that really know me, know that I have the mentality that everything always works out as it is supposed to.  We are given these difficult life circumstances because they are what bring us to the most amazing blessings in life.  If Andrew and I hadn't have gone through the things we went through before we got married, our marriage wouldn't be as strong as it is now.  Without going through the struggles of infertility, I wouldn't be able to help and encourage others going through the same thing, nor would I appreciate the little things that I do now.  However, I may be a little less crazy and anxious of a mom, but thats a different post for a different day...all I can say is at least I admit it.  No denial here!  ;)

Faith has been what has gotten us through.  It is what is getting us through where we are now.  It has made us the couple we are today and blessed us with more than we deserve.  I feel so blessed that God has given  me Andrew to be my partner, my one and only.  Sure we have our problems, our struggles, we aren't perfect, but we just work so well together.  Marriage is HARD work.  Any person in a good marriage will tell you the same thing.  I think the key is that we truly love each other and want the best for each other.  We have faith and pray.  And in case you were wondering, Andrew is the best daddy in the whole world! 

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