Friday, April 5, 2013

Lo - 6 Months

Oh my how time flies.  How do I have a 6 month old?  How is Lolo already 1/2 a year old?!?  Time, please please slow down. 

Lolo bear,

You turned 6 months old on April 5th.  Daddy and I just love you to pieces.  You are the sweetest, most content, happiest baby I have ever been around.  I don't know how we got so lucky.  You smile all the time.  You love to laugh and are very ticklish.

This past month, you have just seemed to blossum with the cutest little personality.  You have learned how to sit up on your own, and if you are laying down, you love to grab those cute toes of yours and put them in your mouth. 

I went back to work, again, this month.  You have handled the transition so well.  You love hanging out with your Aunt Allie 4 days a week, and then spending time with your nana and Aunt Shannon one day a week.  I am so glad you have people to watch you who love you so much.  It makes this transition a tiny bit better.  Leaving you everyday will never get easier though.  Getting to come home to you and daddy everyday sure is the best part about my day!

You are growing like a weed!  I haven't taken you for your 6 month check-up yet, but you are around 18lbs now!  I can't believe it! 

We fed you your first baby food just a week shy of your 6 month birthday.  You aren't too sure about it yet...more to come on that later.  But you love your sippy cup full of water! 

Lolo, you are by far the best thing that has ever happened to us.  We love you so very much and treasure these months with you.  Seeing you reach your milestones is so incredibly exciting.  You still love reading books and have started to want to hold the book and chew on one or two :)

 I could start at your sweet sleeping face for hours.  Sometimes I do.  You are just the sweetest little girl!

You are the best baby!  We just love you to pieces!  I sure wish time would slow down though.  You are growing too fast!


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