Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lolo is sick

Last Thursday, Lolo woke up with a fever.  She was burning up when I got her out of bed.  I gave her some tylenol and her fever quickly broke, she ate and seemed to be ok during the day.  She napped for a long time that day.  When I got home from work, she was burning up again, fever was higher, and she just did not feel good.  She had no other symptoms though.  Friday and Saturday she was still running a fever, but they were lower than they were on thursday and she seemed to be doing ok.  Sunday during the day she was almost back to normal.  She was smiling and having a great time at Lexi's second birthday party. 

Then came Sunday night...

Sunday night was one of the worst nights ever.  My poor sweet little baby woke up every 30 minutes the entire night screaming in pain.  And she never cries.  I wasn't sure if it was the broccoli I gave her that was causing her to have gas or what was going on.  It was seriously awful.  I've never felt so helpless.  And I am sure Andrew felt the same way.  I would rock her back to sleep each time and then 30 minutes would pass and we would do it all over again.  She would cry inconsolably for about 5 minutes and then drift back to sleep.  She cried so hard that she had little broken blood vessels around her eye.  It was so sad! 

I called in sick to work Monday and took her to the doctor.  Ironic, right?  I want to be Lolo's mom, not her doctor, so I do what everyone else does, I take my child to her pediatrician.  By the time I got her to the doctor she had another fever and then broke out into a rash.  It was pitiful!  Poor girl.  She ended up having a horrible ear infection.  I felt so bad.  Thankfully, with a little motrin and a long nap, she was acting better that afternoon.  It took her a few days, but by this weekend, she was finally acting like her happy-go-lucky self!  Thank goodness! 

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  1. I'm glad you linked up, Nicole! So sorry your little lady had an ear infection. Aren't they the worst?! :( Have a good weekend!