Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for so long now, but we have never been.  I think the long flight and the cost of everything there kind of deterred us me away.  But once we found out we were going to have a baby, I figured this would be my last chance for a long time to get to go to Hawaii, AND I was turning 30 AND graduating from residency.  I think those are reason enough to go on a nice vacation, don't you?  Long story short, after talking with several of my friends who have been to Hawaii, we I chose to book a trip to Maui.  We stayed at the Westin Resort in Kaanapali. 

I was so excited!  I love to go on vacations, especially with my husband!  And this one was would be the last one before we became a family of three.  Crazy!  Not gonna lie though, the flight there and back made me a little nervous.  8 Hours in the air is a LONG time. 

The flight down there wasn't too bad.  We flew from Dallas to Phoenix and then Phoenix to Maui.  It was during the day and they played movies.  However, it made for a long day, to say the least. 

We chose to relax and hang out at the resort on our first full day there.  I loved the resort, and I think it would be a perfect place for a family to go on vacation.  The pool was nice!  There were two slides, waterfalls, and a basketball net for the kids.  I really wanted to go down the fancy slide...but of course, since pregnant people are handicapped, or so it seems, neither they, nor my husband, wouldn't let me.  Double thumbs down! 
The view from our hotel room.  Can you spot the rainbow?
The pool overlooked the gorgeous beach!  The waves were awesome too!  Andrew rented some snorkeling equipment and swam with some sea turtles, which he was super stoked about.  As for me, I don't snorkel.  I layed out on the beach, got way to burnt, despite the multiple applications of poor belly, and enjoyed a relaxing day.  That evening we went down to Front Street.  This popular street had some great shopping, food, and a banyon tree that took up an entire block.  We walked around for a bit, ate dinner at a burger place, and then enjoyed a Hawaiian shaved ice, Delish! 

On Sunday, we decided to brave The Road to Hana. For those that don't know, the Hana Highway is only about a 52 mile drive, but it takes all day long to get there and back. The highway is very winding and narrow and there is said to be around 60 bridges and 620 curves. Along the way there are many waterfalls and attractions, and at the end of the Hana Highway lies the "Seven Sacred Pools." I highly recommend doing this if you go to Maui. The waterfalls were beautiful. The rainforest was pretty awesome, and the "Seven Sacred Pools" is just incredible. We had a great time, but by the end of the day, we were exhausted!
The painted eucalyptus cool!

This heart was already formed on the path we were walking.

Black Sand Beach

The rest of our trip was spent relaxing and spending time with each other.  We went to a Luau one night, which was kinda boring, not gonna lie.  We Andrew took some awesome pictures on the beach one night, and of course we watched the Thunder games on television. 

Then it was time to leave this gorgeous island and travel back home.  The flight home was pretty miserable.  It left at 9 o'clock at night, it was 6 hours long, our seats were broken and didn't recline, and there was a screaming baby directly behind us.  I am afraid it was a deal breaker...

All-in-all, it was a nice vacation and a week that we got to spend together, away from the real world, enjoying each others company, one last time as a family of two.  Can't wait for the next chapter in our lives to begin!  Bring on the family vacations to Disney World!.  I.CAN'T.WAIT! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

24 Weeks

June 28, 2012

Forgot to take a picture this week, so this is the best I got ;)

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: 8 inches long, about the size of an eggplant, and weighs around 1.7 pounds

Total Weight Gain: 7 of two weeks ago, probably more now, this baby is a growing!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!

Movement: I feel her kicking a lot and moving a lot, especially if I drink caffeine.  Then she really parties in there!  She's even making my belly move from the outside!  Crazy!!  I still think its the coolest feeling ever!

Sleep: I am having a hard time falling asleep and then staying asleep.  Oh well!
What I miss:  Running

Cravings: Anything sweet...mmm brownies.

Symptoms: I can't really complain about anything right now.  Praise God for that!
Maternity Clothes: I have some clothes, but will wear just about anything if its comfortable, especially in this heat!  It's not about the style people!
Best Moment this week:  Finally deciding on and ordering the nursery furniture.  I also got to relax a lot before I start my big girl job!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why the blogging vacation?

I have gotten asked by several people lately why I haven't been blogging lately...

Well...I have, I just haven't been posting my blogs.

Why you ask?  I have a heavy heart when it comes to blogging about my pregnancy and then posting that I blogged about it on facebook.

It wasn't very long ago that I was one that was yearning so very badly to start a family.  At that time in my life, it was so very hard for me to read about others on facebook getting what I so desired.  It wasn't that I wasn't happy for them, I was, I promise!!  It was just so hard for me to emotionally deal with it after all we went through.  I have read and read and read about this difficulty and have been reassured with all that I have read that my feelings at the time were completely normal.  I know now, that this time was a blessing in disguise, as are all heartaches, right?  It strengthened my faith and really showed me that I am not in control.  It also reaffirmed how blessed I am with an amazing support system.  I have the best husband, family, and friends, who were very sensitive and caring during this time.  I have crossed paths with a few really great girls, who I don't think I would have otherwise.  There are so many people out there who share the same desire we did to start a family.  There are people who have had miscarriage after miscarriage and are really hurting on the inside, but without asking, you would never know it.

Why am I writing this post you ask?  Well, I am going to start posting my pregnancy related blogs, but I am not going to post that I posted them to facebook or any other social media.  I tell you this because I have been told by a lot of people that they only check facebook to see if I have blogged.  You can get to my blog by going to or if you wish to read these posts and follow this little miracle growing inside me. 

Please pray for those yearning to have a family.  And if you know someone that is going through a difficult situation, take the time to simply ask them how they are doing.  You have no idea how much this will mean to them. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

23 Weeks

June 21, 2012

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Size of baby: 1.5 lbs, 8.5 inches, the size of an ear of corn

Total Weight Gain: 7 pounds last time I checked

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!
Movement:  Sometimes I think she is partying in there.  I drank a cup of coffee the other day and she was moving around like crazy!  It was so funny.  I can feel her move so much and its such a cool feeling.  Andrew has felt her move a lot too.  The other day she wasn't really kicking at all and he put his hand on my belly and told her to kick...and she did!  It's so crazy and I love this feeling so much!

Sleep: I have been sleeping ok.  I wake up a lot on my back and have to get up to go to the bathroom once or twice a night, but I can't complain. 

What I miss:  Running...
Cravings: Chocolate, what's new?  I am just glad my appetite is back.

Symptoms:A growing belly and heartburn, but nothing to complain about.
Maternity Clothes: I have a few "maternity" things.  I mainly need shorts because of how low she is sitting. I have been mainly just buying comfy dresses and a size bigger shirt. 

Best Moment this week: Spending the week in Hawaii with my one and only on our "babymoon" and feeling blessed about how much God has blessed us.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

22 Weeks

June 14, 2012

Pregnancy Stats:
How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: 1 lb 1 ounce, the size of a spaghetti squash
Total Weight Gain: 7 pounds 
Gender: It's a GIRL!!!
Movement: I feel her kicking a lot and moving a lot.  She's even making my belly move from the outside!  Crazy!!  I still think its the coolest feeling ever!
Sleep: I sleep well until about 6:30, then I just have to get up.  Don't know what that's all about!
What I miss:  Running
Cravings: Sweets...could this be because I have to take my glucose test in 4 weeks??
Symptoms: I can't really complain about anything right now.  Praise God for that!
Maternity Clothes: I have a few things.  I mainly need shorts because of how low she is sitting.  And while I don't really want to buy a ton of clothes, maternity clothes are sooo much more comfortable!
Best Moment this week: Getting to see my belly move on the outside.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday so that I could be cleared to go on our vacation tomorrow.  Everything looked great!  Thank you God!  He was worried about how low my placenta was a few weeks ago, but it looks like it is moving up and away.  He said our baby girl looks perfect and that he has no concerns at this point!  Thank you God for a healthy baby thus far!!  Everything is still so surreal, but we are so very blessed and thankful right now and thank God every day for this amazing blessing.

Lexis party

Lexi is ONE!

I can not believe my little niece in one!  Time has flown!  It seems like just yesterday I was playing dress up with her when she was a newborn while my sister took a nap...


My sister had her party outside at my parents house.  It was super cute with tons of detail!  So glad I have my sister to plan all my parties ;)

Macy couldn't resist being left out.  She loves to pose for the camera!

Can I have some cake too please??

Isn't this the cutest welcome ever?!?

Lexi's One!!  Photos courtesy of my talented husband.

I love this picture and I love the look of determination in her eyes as she gets her cake handed to her!  Reminds me of myself when I am handed chocolate :)

Here she is saying, "Feed my the cake already!!"

Such a doll baby!

Such a fun year watching this little one grow into her personality, that is much like her Aunt Nicole.  So glad my sister has let me bond with this little girl and let me "be myself" around her.  Being an aunt is pretty cool!  I love getting to play with her, make her laugh, give her exactly what she wants, that's what aunts are for, right??  I know I am glutton for punishment in a few short months...but its a really neat feeling whenever I see this little girl for her to reach out her arms for me to pick her up.  It makes me so sad that whenever I leave she cries, but that just means she loves me, right?  That's what I keep telling myself :)  I hope that Lexi and I can have the same relationship that I have had with my favorite aunt.  Such great memories we have together!  

Happy Birthday Lexi!  Can't wait to feed you chocolate ;)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

21 Weeks

June 7, 2012 

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 21 weeks

Size of baby: 3/4 of a pound, 10 1/2 inches, the length of a carrot

Total Weight Gain: 6 lbs.

Gender: It's a GIRL, for sure!!!

Movement: I feel her kicking a lot, especially when I am sitting or lying down. Still one of the most coolest feelings ever!
Sleep: I've been sick with a cold, so hasn't been great. Lots of coughing leads to many many many bathroom visits.

What I miss:  Running and liking coffee.
Not wanting to drink coffee AT ALL is the strangest aversion.

Cravings: Lemonade

Symptoms: I can't really complain about anything right now.  Praise God for that!

Maternity Clothes: I have a couple of maternity shirts that are way more comfortable to wear than what I have been wearing.  Definitely need some shorts because this little girl is sitting so low and refuses to move up, she's stubborn like her mommy :)

Best Moment this week: The nursery being painted!

I think it is safe to say my belly has officially "popped."  This baby is growing like crazy now.  Macy isn't going to be jealous at all either, can't you tell??