Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Life Lately - February

Here is life lately for the month of February!

My kids got RSV and were SO sick!  Lo was down for the count first...then Drew and Nora.  It was a rough week and I missed 4 days of work.

Thankfully Lo started feeling better and was able to go back to school.  Her sweet teacher sent me a picture of her to show me she was having a good day!  There is never a dull moment with this girl!

After they were feeling better we enjoyed the beautiful weather some!  Drew is just like his daddy and is all boy.  He loves to get his daddy's tools and "fix" things.  Here he is fixing his bike..just like his daddy does.

The kids love playing outside on their cars!

My sister and I got the bright idea to bring 6 kids under 6 to Home Goods.

We all enjoyed some play time and cuddles!

Nora had her one year pictures and Lo and Drew got to participate!

While Lo and her daddy went to the Daddy Daughter Dance, Drew, Nora, and I enjoyed time at home with popcorn!

And I got to meet one of my BFFs for brunch!  It was a great month!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Daddy Daughter Dance

Andrew and Lo were invited to the Daddy Daughter Dance by Keith and Lexi.  Lo was so excited to go with her daddy and cousin!  Shannon and I took the girls to the mall to pick out dresses and they were too cute in the store together.  These two are just so funny together and share the sweetest little bond.  I hope they remain best friends forever!

Andrew picked up some flowers for Lo and surprised her at the front door with them to "pick her up."  She was so happy!  I think they had a great time and made wonderful memories!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sue Sue visits!

My Aunt Susan, Uncle Richie, and Cousin Sean came to visit this week!  I took the week off work to hang out with them!

Unfortunately Drew was sick the first part of the week, so we were not able to do much.  But by the last part of the week he was feeling much better!

We spent a day at the zoo!  The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time!

How many people can you fit in a selfie?


Drew LOVES the petting zoo!  Every time we go he asks if he can "pet a goat."


We also had everyone over and cooked out and it was so fun watching all the kids play together.  We also attempted a group picture of the kids! 


It was such a fun week, minus drew being sick.  We sure wish they lived closer!