Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lo - 22 Months!


You are 22 months old! How in the world are you going to be 2 in two months?  So crazy how fast time is flying by. 

This past month you have just blossumed.  You seem to become smarter and smarter each day.  You are speaking in 5-6 word sentences regularly and speak so clearly its crazy!  You are just growing up.  You are hilarious and very particular about certain things.  You love love love your blankies and tell us nightly "my bankies."  You want all of them all the time. 

If your daddy or I sneeze you tell us "bess you momma, bess you daddy," without being prompted.  It's the sweetest thing.

You are very curious and always asking where someone went, "where'd daddy go, momma?"

I told you I was going to Target the other day and you told your daddy, "I want a cake pop too." You know when we go to Target you get a cake pop.  You love them!  You definately have a sweet tooth like your momma. 

You can sing all of your abcs!  We love hearing you sing them. You also continue to sing Ring Around the Rosey, Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, and Let it Go. 

You ran your first "race" with me this month and had a blast!

We took you to get frozen yogurt for the first time and you LOVED it.  You were so upset with us when we made you leave. 

I gave you cookie butter on toast and the next week, your daddy gave you some toast with jelly and you refused to eat it, you told him you wanted cookie butter!  Rotten...

You have started going pee-pee on the potty really well and love your new potty.  I can't believe we are already potty training you!  If you weren't so interested in it, I would have put it off for a few more months...but you tell us you are ready.

You love Gizmo for some reason.  He is mean and runs away from you, but you still love him and "hug" him any chance you get.

We took your picture in front of this bench one day and now when you walk by it, you stop and tell me to "take my picture mommy."

Our neighborhood had a community garage sale and we took you.  You LOVED it!!  We found lots of cute clothes and a few toys for you!

We went to affair of the heart this month and your cousin Lexi tried to convince you to buy this dress.  You two are going to be trouble when you are older!

You love doing arts & crafts and were so proud of this turtle you made with your Aunt Shannon.  When you see your art work on the fridge, you tell me "Lolo made it."

You are starting to get more curious about your baby brother.  You tell me, "baby brudder, see it.." and when we ask you what his name is you tell us Charlie.  We have no clue where you got that!  So funny!

You have gotten so brave in the pool and love going swimming! 

You are quite the charmer.  Still such a sweet little girl.  You give the best hugs and kisses and tell us you "lub us."  We love you so very much sweet girl.  Watching you grow up is the greatest thing I have ever experienced.