Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Blog...oops

I can't believe I missed my blogs birthday.  Shame on me.  I must have been too busy road-tripping in California to remember this important day.  Oops!  Happy Birthday Blog!  You have been one huge blessing in disguise for me...

Geez, a year sure flies when you're having fun and working like a dog.  It's been a crazy year to say the least!  I can't wait to see what this year has in store. 

The past month was a little rough for me and slightly frustrating, ok a lot frustrating, for reasons I don't really want to go into.  (Thankfully this month is starting out much better)  Lots of stuff going on and having vacation withdrawal depression on top of it all doesn't help things.  I was looking back through some previous blog posts of mine and found this post about life and was suddenly reminded of all the good things I have to be thankful for.  Sometimes its so easy to get frustrated and dwell on the bad things, that we forget to remember all the wonderful things that life has in store for us.

God is pretty freakin amazing and does wonderful things...if you let him.  Be thankful for the life you have been given, and always always always say your prayers.

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