Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lolo eats real food!

I CAN NOT BELIEVE it is time to feed Lolo real food...Seriously?!?  Where did the time go?!?  I think I am still in denial about it.  sigh....

We fed her sweet potatoes (March 31) for her first meal!  She wasn't too big of a fan.  I figured she would be all for it, but not so much.  We just fed her organic ones from a baby food jar.  This next time, I am going to try to make them from scratch.  Maybe they will taste better with some milk mixed in. 

Since then, we have tried avocados...still not a huge fan.  Then bananas, which I thought she would love, not so much.  She tolerated apples more, but I think her favorite so far is sweet potatoes and blueberries mixed.  She loves her sippy cup though!  I think she looks like such a big girl holding it up with two hands. 

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