Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lesson Learned

Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Mark Twain

special thanks to my dear friend for giving loaning me her icepacks
I am a runner.  I took up running in medical school to help alleviate the stress that comes with it.  And as most people who start running, I became obsessed.  Running is MY time.  It is the time that I can think about whatever I want, listen to whatever I want, go wherever I want, and be gone for how ever long I want to, oh who are we kidding, I do that anyway.  Seriously though, running is my mindless time.  It is during running that I am able to slow this ADD brain down of mine and think about whatever I want to.  It is my time to try to let the days struggles/emotional ties leave me and let me replenish so I can try to leave work at work and spend quality time with those I love most.  Therefore, when the extremely dreaded pain in my front part of my lower leg began to slowly creep its way into my life, I got very upset. 

Shin splints stink!!!  They are awful!  They are at the top of most runners list as things YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET!!!  On top of my lovely pain in the butt shin splints that so graciously rudely decided to make thier appearance in my left leg over the past month or so, I think I have also endured a wonderful tear to my anterior tibialis muscle, because I am so not stubborn and refused to rest.  Awesome, just awesome!  Sounds lovely doesnt it?  

As I was doing some research on how to prevent shin splints I came across this...

blah blah blah overpronation blah blah blah orthotics blah blah  distances should not increase by more than 10% per week blah blah muscles are not overworked blah blah avoid always running on hard pavements blah overly tight muscles in the lower leg, blah blah Stretching on a daily basis blah sports massage blah.

*Special thanks to the shin splints website I found by searching google for teaching me that I need to quit being so stubborn, correct my over pronation, wear my orthotics, not increase my distances by too much, give my muscles a break, stop running on the concrete, stretch, stretch, and stretch, and get a sports massage.  No thank you on the later, massages are wonderful creep me out!

Now please excuse me why I get more depressed and ice my sorrows away.

Dear shin splints,
Please go away, I have given you a break for almost two weeks now.  I have a busy few months ahead of me and you are not part of my plan!  Lesson learned!
I love hate you, Nicole

Life's Lesson:
Life doesn't always go as planned.  Things get in the way.  People change.  Things change, like it or not.  If we dwell in the negativity, we will get no where.  If we find the positive, however difficult that may be, learn from it, we will undoubtedly become a better person.  Remember that everything happens for a reason and someone else is always worse off than you.  Count your blessings dear friends!   

Remember, life is a precious gift, love is a wonderful gift, and laughter is glorious gift. So live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and laugh as much as you breathe.  -unknown


  1. SOOO glad you are blogging AND a runner!!! Love being able to keep up with friends through blogs!! xoxo

    P.S. Good luck with the shin splints:(

  2. I love your life's lesson quote! Spoke right to me.


  3. Thanks Heather!!! You have a blog too right? I've found it such a good stress reliever at times :)