Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Breckenridge, Colorado 2015

We went to Breckenridge, Colorado this past week on a little family vacation.  Our flight left Wednesday, and it was non-stop, even better!  Lo was so excited to ride on an airplane!  She was so good the entire flight.  I brought a few little toys that were new and a thing of play doh and she played the entire flight.  Baby Drew was great too! It was his first time to fly and he did so awesome, he ate and slept, best baby ever! 


Once we arrived in Denver, we picked up our rental car and headed to find something to eat.  We ate at a really good deli at the 16th Street Mall and then headed towards the mountains!  Once we were on our way, we told Lo that she needed to take a nap, not 5 seconds later, she was out! 

We got to our resort around 4ish, checked in and then headed out to eat and explore a bit.  The weather was amazing!  Highs in the low 70's...so much better than the 100+ back home. 

The next day, we found the Fairy Forest.  It was a little challenging to find, but I am so glad we did.  It is a cute little trail off one of the bigger trails that the locals have made and placed little faires and fairy homes throughout.  It was so so cute and Lo loved it!  She kept saying, "This is so fun!"

After time exploring, eating lunch, and naps, we headed back out to Main Street.  Main Street Breckenridge is so cute!  We let Lo play on the playground and then took her to the toy store, where she played on the trampoline and had so much fun!

Friday, we headed towards Keystone and found a short trail to hike with amazing views of the mountains and lake!  Lo had so much fun feeding the chipmunks, or "squirrel-munks."  Afterwards, we headed back to Breckenridge.  We rode the gondola to the top of the mountain.  We were hoping to do a few things at the activity center, but Lo was still too short, so we just walked around and then headed back down to eat lunch.  We decided on crepes and they were soooo delicious!  Then we headed back to the resort and it was naptime for all!

For dinner, we went to the Breckenridge Brewery.  Andrew kept talking about how delicious it was and it was Baby Drew's first time to sit in a high chair.  He did great!

The next day, our last day there, we headed out for more hiking and exploring in the morning.

 After naps, we went back out to Main Street and walked around.  Lo got some strawberry ice cream and was in Heaven!

The next morning, we got up early for our 2 hr drive to the airport, and headed home!  Baby Drew was a little more challenging on the flight because he was fighting to sleep, but once he went to sleep he did great!

We had such a great time on vacation, and the weather and mountains did not disappoint, but we were all so happy to be home!!