Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28

I came home from work this particular Monday and just felt funny.  I had a feeling was just not right.  So...I took a pregnancy test...And it was positive!  I wasn't really suprised, in that I had a feeling...but I just couldn't believe it.  How does one struggle with infertility for a couple years, have to take fertility meds to get pregnat the first time, and then just get pregnant without really even trying?!?  Well, I know how it happens, but still...

Like everything in life, God definately had a hand in it!  I mean, we had just started talking about having more kids the week before, it's just crazy how things work out!  We had our first doctors appointment when I was 7 weeks along and it confirmed everything!  I was just speechless.  Had nothing to say except, "crazy."


Lexi & Lo

Lexi and Lo have developed quite the little bond and it is just the sweetest thing.  Lexi refers to Lo as her sister and gets so upset when my mom takes Lo back to me on the days that Lo hangs out with them. 

Lexi loves getting Lo dressed up in her princess dresses with her.  Lo doesn't seem to mind either.  Good thing she is pretty easy going :)  And I wonder why she is so prissy...

The other day we went to take some Easter pictures and Lexi requested to have Lo sit right by her and put her arm around her.  It was so sweet. 

Then we went to eat at Chick-fil-A and I caught them both in the sweetest little moment. 

These two...I hope they become the best of friends.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday!

I need to get better at blogging!  I love going back and reading my blogs and seeing how much we have all changed.  So I am going to start with linking up again to Five on Friday!

1. We had a great Easter weekend, but boy has it left me exhausted this week!  I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home spent with this ornery girl!

2. Lo is still obsessed with Frozen.  She wakes up screaming, "anna, elsa" at us and wants to watch it ALL.THE.TIME.  The other day, my husband said something I never imagined I would hear..."we haven't watched Frozen in three days...I kinda miss it."  If that is not a sign that we watch that movie too much, I don't know what is... oh wait...maybe its the fact that I wake up in the middle of the night singing "Let it go..."  Lo has also started singing along to the music and it is the sweetest little sound I have ever heard.

3. Lo is going to be a flower girl in a wedding next month.  We tried on her flower girl dress the other day and isn't she just the cutest thing?!?  She immediately started twirling in it.  So funny!

4. This girl LOVES to swing and now has meltdowns when you take her out of the swing.  And not just with me, she did it to my sister too.  Oh, boy!  And she requests her baby to swing with her now.  She calls her baby cinderella, "Elsa."

5. Our poor Jaxon had a slipped disc this week.  It was so sad.  All of the sudden he couldn't walk forward, couldn't turn his head to the right and wouldn't eat or drink.  He also cried everytime you touched him.  We were so sad thinking that he may have had a stroke or something and the thought of losing another dog so soon terrified us.  So glad he is better and that it wasn't worse than it was! 

Happy Friday!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Favorite Aunt Susan!

My favorite Aunt Susan and my cousin Sean came to visit us the week before Easter.  It was fun getting to spend time with her and my cousin!  We mainly just hung out at our house and had dinner at my parents one night, but it was so good to see them.  Andrew made his famous nachos one night for my entire family too!  They were a big hit!  Susan helped my sister watch Lo the day before she left and I think it is safe to say Lo loves her too :) 

It's crazy how big Sean is getting.  It seems like just yesterday that I flew to New York after he was born to help my aunt for a week.  It is so bittersweet how fast time flies!!

We can't wait to see them again soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Week 2014

I took Lo to see the Easter bunny the Wednesday before Easter with my mom and Shannon and her kids.  It was hilarious!  As soon as we got up to the bunny, Lo started screaming, "No-No-NO! Bye Bye!" and crying.  So funny!  This was the best picture we could get.  Lexi and Kason did great! Their picture is so cute!  Nana then took the girls to Build-A-Bear to build a bunny. 

We had a great Easter weekend!  On Good Friday we spent the day at the park.  Lo and I had a picnic, where I gave her, her first Happy Meal, and then Lo wanted to swing.  Andrew met us there after work.  Lo had so much fun she had a melt down when we took her out of the swing. 

For dinner Friday night we ordered pizza and had another picnic outside.  The weather was so beautiful we couldn't pass it up!  My dad made Lo the cutest little picnic table and she just loves it!

On Saturday, Lo and I went to do a 5K dog run at Claremore Lake in the morning.  Lo hung out with Pop-Pop while my mom and I ran.  It was fun! 

Then we went to an easter egg hunt right next to the lake.  Lo loved it!  She got a lot of eggs and guarded them.  Anytime I went to take her eggs away she would make this noise at me.  So hilarious!

That evening we went to Andrew's mom's house to celebrate Easter with her.  We ate outside and had another easter egg hunt.  It was fun!

On Sunday, we did church and gave Lo her Easter basket. 

Lo looked adorable in her Easter dress.  She was not having my picture taking at first, but eventually gave in and smiled for me.

 And this is her saying, "where did it go?"

We went to my parents for lunch and then we went to Andrews Grandma's house.  By the time we got done with family time, Lo was EXHAUSTED.  As soon as we put her in the car she was out and went right back to sleep in her crib once we got home. 

Lo got four Easter baskets!  One from the Easter Bunny, one from Nana and Pop-Pop, one from her Great Aunt Susan, and one from her granny.  Spoiled much?

Thank you God for such an amazing sacrifice that allows us to celebrate You with family and friends!  As always, Jesus is the reason for the season.