Monday, September 12, 2016

Lo's first soccer game!

We decided to sign Lo up for soccer this year.  She was so cute at her first couple of practices.  She seemed to have a lot of fun out there with the other kids. 

Then came her first game....she was so funny!  She is a pokey little runner and just takes her time taking in all her surroundings.  She runs with her arms moving and her tongue out.  I can only imagine her singing "hi-ho,hi-ho..."  When we would cheer her on she would stop running and just look at us with her silly little grin.  She may have touched the ball 3 or 4 times total.  She's pretty timid, like her mama, but I think she had fun!!  It sure was fun to watch!

She had her soccer pictures done a few weeks after her first game and I can't wait to get them back!  She was so cooperative for them! 

Her little team is so cute and they are impressively all so good!  She also has a wonderful coach, who is so sweet and patient with all the girls.  

She was so excited when her Aunt Shannon and Cousin Lexi came to watch her play.  Her Nana has been to every game so far too! 

She may be the pokey and timid one of the bunch, but we sure to enjoy seeing her out there with the other girls! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Lo's pierced ears!

Lo woke up this past weekend and decided she wanted her ears pierced.  She was playing in my jewelry and saw a pair of mickey mouse earrings and told me she wanted to go pierce her ears.  I kinda just ignored it and went on with the day, but as the day went on she kept asking.  The next day, same thing, she kept asking all day when we were going to get her ears pierced.  Towards the end of the day she was begging.  It was too late to go, but Andrew showed her little clips of other girls getting their ears pierced to see if she was serious about doing it.  We told her if she was we would take her the next morning.  When we woke up that next morning, the first thing she asked was if she was going to get her ears pierced! 

We took her to Claire's and I was for sure she would back out.  But she didn't!  She hopped right up on the chair, picked out her earrings and barely flinched!  I was so proud of my big little girl.  She is just seeming so grown up all the sudden!  So bittersweet!! 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nora Sue - 6 Months

Sweet Nora Sue,

You are 6 months old!  I can't believe it!  That's the fastest half year of my life.

This has been a big month for you!  I feel like your little personality has just blossomed this month.  You are almost sitting up and will sit with me and play with your toys for a while now.  You have started sleeping in your pack n play and are finally out of the bassinet.  I was surprised at how well you transitioned.  Occasionally you will wake up once a night, but will go back to sleep with your binkie and blankie. 

We introduced broccoli and sweet potatoes and you were a big fan!  You get the food on your fingers and just suck away, its so funny!  You also do pretty well with a sippy cup of water. 


Your big sister is still your favorite and she's your biggest fan.  She just adores you!  Drew is coming around too!

You are so happy and smiley and pretty much just go with the flow all day.  You usually take 2-3 pretty good naps too!  You love being outside and looking around, you also are starting to like the swing.  You are content in the bath as well and just sit there while your brother and sister are being monkeys.

You love your daddy and smile so big every time you see him, but you are definitely a mama's girl. 

We love you sweet girl! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Drew 19 & 20 Months

Little Man,

You are getting closer and closer to two years old.  You are becoming such a little boy and less of a baby.  You talk so well for your age and say 5-6 word sentences all the time.  Words like "soccer ball goal and flashlight" and normal for you to say on a daily basis.  You answer a question with the correct answer and it just amazes your daddy and I how smart you are.  The other day your daddy asked you how you were doing and you replied with "good." It just blew us away.  When I say your name to get your attention, you reply with "what?" and it cracks me up. 


You know all your body parts and the sound every animal makes.

You love to climb the ladder on the play set and slide down the slide all by yourself.  You love being outside and could play on the "jumper jumper" all day long. 


When you wake up in the morning you are usually a sweet little guy and will say "hi daddy" or "hi mama" as soon as you see us, then you ask for yogurt and want to eat.  You like to watch Daniel Tiger while you are eating breakfast.  You have started to skip your morning nap, but really struggle around 11 or 12.  You still sleep great in your crib and are still sleeping in your sleep sack. You are obsessed with your blankies and your thumb too. 

You and your daddy have a really sweet bedtime routine where he gets you dressed and reads you a book. You sing twinkle twinkle, your abc's, and count to 10. 

You love your sisters so much and will try to hug and kiss Nora all the time. 


You still hate getting your haircut, but will sit still with a sucker.

You can be an angry little guy too and try to hit and throw things when you aren't getting what you want or if you are frustrated. 

We love you little man!  Even when you are angry to us after we get home from work and try to hit us.  You are still super sweet at times and your little face just melts me.