Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lolo's first vacation!

This past weekend Andrew, Lolo, and I packed our bags and went to Branson for the weekend!  We had so much fun.  We stayed at Big Cedar Lodge and it was amazing!  Our little cabin overlooked the lake and was just so cute! 

It was rainy the first two days we were there so we just hung out at the cabin and went shopping for a bit.  The first night there we ordered room service because we got in late.  We placed the tray outside the next morning and almost immediately heard a clanging of the tray.  I couldn't believe that someone was coming to pick it up that fast!  Then Andrew got smart and looked out the window and saw this..

The squirrel was enjoying our food as much as we did ;)

We bought hot dogs and cooked them in the fireplace the second night.  It was so relaxing and fun!

Lolo had a blast on her first vacation!  She is becoming such a big girl!

The last day we were there we walked around the resort and took pictures.  (More pics to come) The resort is just so nice and rustic!  I loved it and definately could have spent more time there.  We must go back!  It was so nice to get away and just hang out together.  Lolo did great.  She slept pretty good both nights and napped ok on the go and in our bed once.  She's such a happy little girl and we are so so blessed! 

I sure do love my little family!  And if you love Branson, or just relaxation, check out Big Cedar Lodge!  Its awesome! 

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