Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we had Grinch night at our house.  The kids dressed up in their Grinch pjs, we made Grinch popcorn and watched the movie! 

On Sunday, Lo and I went to watch Rudolph, the musical.  It was so cute!  We both loved it and had so much fun! 

We went to a cute little cupcake bakery afterwards and then headed home.

That night we put up the tree and the kids got dressed up in their Christmas pjs.  We love Christmas time at our house! 




Drew and Lo both have trees in their rooms, and Drew just thought it was so cool! 

Friday, November 24, 2017


On Thanksgiving Day, we have a little tradition, well I do.  I like to get up and turn on the parade.  Then Lo and Drew helped me make desserts. 


We played a little and then got ready and went to Andrew's grandma's house for lunch.  Afterwards, the kids took naps, and then we headed to my parent's for dinner.  It was a fun little day! 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Road Trip

Right after my mom and I ran a half marathon, we all loaded up, my mom included, and took a little impromptu road trip to Grapevine, Texas!  The kids did amazing in the car and all three took naps.  I packed them all three little goodie bags, and that kept them pretty entertained the entire drive. 


Once we got to the hotel, we checked in, freshened up a bit, and headed to dinner.  It was cold outside, but the restaurant had heaters on their patio, and we were actually sweating, it was so warm.  The food was great, as was the atmosphere.

The kids feel asleep quickly that night and looked so sweet sleeping next to each other.

The next morning we got up and took a little stroll on downtown Main Street.  It was so cute and decorated for Christmas.  They were getting ready for a little holiday celebration that night and had tons of decorations out. 



Afterwards, we headed to LEGOLAND.  It was actually inside the outlet mall.  It was packed!  The kids seemed to have a good time, but it was geared more for older kids.  We only stayed for about an hour, then headed next door to the aquarium.



The aquarium was awesome!  The kids loved it! 


Afterwards, we had a little lunch and then headed back to the hotel so the kids could take naps.  While they were napping, my mom and I walked next door to Bass Pro and walked around. 

When the kids got up from naps, we headed back to downtown Grapevine to enjoy the holiday festival for a bit before dinner.  It was so cute!!  Mom mom insisted on not being in the reindeer picture, but little did she know, she was photo bombing, haha!


We met Lo's namesakes parents for dinner.  They live 10 min away from Grapevine and we thought it would be a nice treat.  We were so happy they could meet us with such short notice.  We went to an Italian restaurant and it was so good!  We all had a great time!

The next day we got up and went to the Gaylord Hotel to look around.  The lobby is amazing! 



Andrew, of course, got word that the college football playoff meeting was taking place and wanted to pose for a pic. 

Afterwards, we had tickets to the ICE! festival.  It was 9 degrees in there, so they made everyone wear heavy blue jackets.  Drew was definitely not a fan, but we managed.  It was incredible.  Every single thing was made of ice. 


We then stopped for a quick lunch and headed home.  The kids all napped again and were amazing! 

It was such a fun little getaway!!!