Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kindness Award

During the month of November, Lo's school focused on kindness.  At the end of the month they chose a student from each class that exhibited that behavior, and her teacher chose her!  I couldn't be more proud of this girl!  If there is one thing I want her to be, it is kind to others and I am so so proud she is learning this at an early age.  I pray she never loses her sweet, kind, caring heart!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Christmas Train

We went to the Christmas Train the day after Thanksgiving with my entire family.  My mom and I showed up with the exact same outfit on, down to the boots, how does that happen?  I'll tell you...I bought her and myself the same sweater last year.  It was really funny!

It was so crowded!  When we got there we ate dinner and then headed to see Santa. 

Lo rode the little train all by herself!  She has gotten so independent since starting school. 

We walked around a little and then headed home.  It was getting late and Drew was DONE.  And apparently Nora was too, poor girl cried the entire way home.  It was fun though!  And great memories were had. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Nora Sue - 8 Months

Sweet Nora Sue,

You are 8 months old!  You are such a chunky monkey and cute as can be.  You have the biggest cheeks, sweetest face, and are so cuddly.  You are so happy and will smile at anyone that talks to you.  You love to sleep and take 2-3 good naps and sleep all night. You still love your binkie and your blankie. You have started being able to find your binkie and put it back in your mouth when it falls out. 

You love to eat and will eat anything I put in front of you. 

You are sitting up well now and will sit and play with your toys for quite some time.  I love watching you do this. 

You have definitely found your voice and will "talk" to us a lot now.  We get a kick out of your little screams.

Your siblings just adore you and never pass up an opportunity to love on you.

You love your daddy but definitely prefer to be held by your mama. 

You are the best baby.  You just go with the flow, hang out in the ergo when we are out and about, take naps in the ergo, car, pack n play, wherever. 

We love you sweet girl! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Drew 21 & 22 Months

My sweet little Drew.  I can't believe you are almost two. 

In some ways it seems like you already are and in others it still seems like you are my little baby.  You are the funniest little man.  You are such a boy and love to climb things.  You love keys and want to pretend to drive and unlock doors with them.  You have a temper and will throw things, hit, or yell at us if you get angry.  Then you will turn around and hug and kiss everyone.  We call you our little monster. :)



You are so smart!  You continue to impress us on a daily basis.  You can count to twenty, know your abcs, will sing twinkle twinkle, the nora sue song, itsy bitty spider, pat-a-cake, etc.  You love to sing and love to dance and when music comes on you just cant help but dance.  It cracks us up!  You speak in full 5 and 6 word sentences, will answer questions with the appropriate response, and will tell us how you are feeling without being prompted.  I went in one morning to get you out of your crib and you said "I still sick." 


You love  your siblings and have started playing really well with Lo.


You love to go to Lo's soccer games and cheer her on!  You are her biggest fan!

You love the dogs and always ask for "mooser gooser & Roxy" as soon as you get up.

You love to snack and will ask for a "nack" all day long.  You are such a funny little guy and we just love you so much!