Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Weekend 2014

We had a great Halloween weekend!  We started off by going to Hallowzooeen the day before Halloween.  It was a zoo!  There were so many people there and the traffic was crazy.  I think its safe to say we probably won't be going back any year soon.  Thankfully, Andrew volunteered to recreated the entire experience in our back yard from here on out. 

Friday, Lo and I hung out during the day, did a little shopping, and then rested up for trick-or-treating. 

We just stayed in our neighborhood that night.  It was freezing!  But Lo had fun.  She kept trying to eat all her candy as she was getting it.  There's no telling how much she ate that night.  I kept asking her if she was cold, and she would say, "no, I'm warm."  Then by the end of the night she was telling her daddy that her hands were freezing and that she wanted to go home.

Regardless of the freezing cold, it was a fun night with great family and friends and I can't wait to do it year after year with this sweet girl!  Lots of fun memories!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Pajamas

I love holiday pajamas and Halloween ones are no exception.  This year Lo has 3 different Halloween pj's.  Here is a comparison from the past three years of our cute little skeleton.  I can't believe how much she has changed and how big she has gotten!  Sure do love this little skeleton!  
October 2012 - 3 weeks old

October 2013 - 1 year old
October 2014 - 2 years old

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mud's Wedding

It's crazy to think my little brother is married?!?  I still see him as the 5 year old kid in glasses that "cleaned his room every day."  The one that always loved to annoy his sisters...



Their wedding was sweet and simple.  Lexi, Lo, and Kason had so much fun and we couldn't keep them off the dance floor.  They "danced" their little hearts out. 


Then we all had fun with the cute photo booth!  Even my parents joined in on the fun!

And the best part...Lexi caught the bouquet, haha!  You are going to be in trouble later Shannon ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Princess Lo's 2nd Birthday Party

Lo's second birthday party was a lot of fun!  I planned it to be princess themed and it turned out so cute!  She was surrounded by all of those that love her so much and seemed to have such a great time! 

The details...

The Birthday Girl!


After the party she crashed....