Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lolo - 24 Months

Sweet Lo,

You are TWO!  I can't believe it!  This past month has been so much fun with you.  You have quite the little personality when you are around your mommy and daddy.  You speak so well for your age and the sentences you say just amaze me.  Six word sentences are a daily part of your vocabulary. 

You love going to Target almost as much as I do. 

You also love the zoo.  I took you by myself one day, on my day off, and you had so much fun.  You really got into the animals and waved and talked to all of them.  You loved the monkeys and the meercats the most.  It was so cute to watch you interact with them.  Your daddy went with us the next weekend, and you had just as much fun!  We rode the train this time and you loved it!  Now, you ask to go to the zoo, and if I tell you, "not today," you will say, "next time."  You tell me you want to go back and ride the camel.

You love painting and doing arts and crafts.  I hang the things you make on the fridge and when you walk by it, you will point to it and say, "I made it."  You recently became really obsessed with play doh and silly putty.  You could play with it for hours. 

You love your ipad and somehow found the play doh channel on it.  Your daddy and I refer to it as "The creepy play doh lady" and now when you ask to see your ipad you ask to either watch Five Little Monkeys or "cweepy play doh."  You love youtube!

You still love to sing and your favorite songs are Five Little Monkeys, Twinkle Twinkle, Abc's, Ring around the Rosie, and Let it Go.  When I sing with you, you tell me to "sing it loud."  Funny girl!

You are really obsessed with your blankies.  You want to hold all of them all the time and sometimes you will tell us to put them on the counter so they can "watch you" while you eat.  You are especially fond of your baby brothers blankie.

Your Aunt Shannon introduced you to Daniel Tiger and you love it!  Its a cute show with good lessons and we use it a lot to talk to you about important things, like brushing your teeth. 

You love to sit in the chair in the living room with me and will go sit in it and tell me, "come sit mommy."  I can never refuse with your sweet little voice telling me that. 

You bring me books at night and sit in my lap wanting me to read to you.  Your favorite books are the Sandra Boynton books, you especially like the doggie book and the Oops book.  It's so funny to listen to you read them to me. 

You love your Cinderella doll and your Daniel Tiger doll these days. 

You have frequently started lifting up my shirt asking to see baby brother.  You will talk to him and give him kisses, it's pretty sweet.

You still love bath time and have developed quit the imagination playing with your toys. 

You have a big sweet tooth, must get that from your mommy for sure. 

We took you to Disney on Ice at the fair and you loved it!  You waved to all the characters and were so good the entire time. 

We got you a playset for your birthday and you look like such a big girl on it. 

You have the cutest little praying face and I just love that you kinda understand that we pray before we eat and before bed.  

The past two years have flown by!  Even though I wish time would slow down a little, I just love this stage.  You are so much fun and so sweet.  I love the conversations we have and the cuddle time that you insist on.  You are such an amazing blessing and your daddy and I just love you so much!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Lolo - 23 Months!

Sweet Lo,

You are 23 months old!  I can't believe you are going to be 2 next month!  It seems like just yesterday that you were born, but I also can't imagine what life was like without you.  We just love you so much and adore watching you grow.  You are such a smart little girl. You speak in complete sentences, that are 5-6 words long and everyone comments on how well you speak. 

You love to sing your favorite songs, especially in the car.  You love Five Little Monkeys, Ring Around the Rosie, Happy and You Know It, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle. You love "Lolo's iPad" as you call it, and watch the Five Little Monkeys video on youtube over and over.  You are so silly at times and I catch you watching TV like this...

When you get a boo-boo you love to blame people for it. 

You are obsessed with popsicles and fruit snacks, and now suckers thanks to the long road trip we took to Florida.

We have a little raised garden and you like to go with me to pick the vegetables.  Then you immediately want to eat them.

You love little shopping carts and if you see one in Target or any other store you push them around the entire store placing things in your cart.  Recently when we went to Target, you found a little shopping cart, pushed it around the entire store and when we got to the makeup isle you kept picking things up and putting them in your cart, saying "lets buy it."  It was pretty funny! 
You still love playing with all of your cousins.  I love that you will be so close to all of them!  So much fun!

You started calling us "mom" and "dad" occassionally.  We don't like it and correct you everytime.  Haha!  It's "mommy" and "daddy."

You sure say some funny things...When we were on vacation you woke up from your nap one day and started talking about the dogs.  I think you missed them.  For breakfast one morning you told me "I want yogurt. Booster seat.  Come Mommy."  You also asked for popsicles, corn, and pizza one day for breakfast.

Some funny phrases you have said this month:

"I painted my toenails."  "Mommy ponytail is so pretty." "Watch your fingers."

"Lo did you poop?" "No, I tooted."

"I got a booger mommy."  "Yay Lolo." "Scratch your back."

"Good job mommy."  "All clean."

"Where'd dip it go?"

You love playing in makeup. 

We took you to Big Splash recently and you were a little timid.  Maybe you will like it next year.  Some of the little kid slides were still just a little too big and too fast for you. 

We recently went on a little family vacation to Seaside, Fl and you had a great time!  Unfortunately, the day we got back you got sick with a not-so-fun case of Hand, Foot Mouth. 

You were able to meet Cinderella at a little boutique where we live and even gave her a hug. 

You still weigh around 23 pounds. 

We sure do love you little girl!  You are just so sweet, smart, and funny!  Not a day goes by that we don't pray for the sweet blessing you are.  I can't believe we are about to be a 2 year old.  In some ways, I just don't want you to ever grow up, but in others, I just LOVE watching you grow up and learn so much.  There is no greater experience in life thus far, than to watch you grow and thrive and become the sweet little girl you are.