Friday, December 20, 2013

Walt Disney World - Day 2

We got up and had a character breakfast at the hotel.  We just so happened to get to sit right by my friend Misti and her cute family!  I was so excited for Lolo to see the characters.  Goofy, Donald, and Minnie were there.  She was so excited seeing them from a distance.  But once they came up close she was a little hesitant and nervous.  It was fun though to see her reaction.

After breakfast we headed to Hollywood Studios.  It was packed!  I got fast passes for three things and thats pretty much all we did.  We first rode the Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller coaster.  Andrew and I took turns and it was awesome!  Probably my favorite coaster of all time!  Then we watched the Little Mermaid Show which Lo seemed to like, but there were some scary parts in it that I wonder if scared any of the other little kids.  It didn't seem to phase her too much though.  Afterwards we ate lunch and waited for our turn to go see Disneyjr.  Lo was getting tired at that time so it help her attention for maybe 5 minutes.  We left in the middle of it, but it looked like the other kids were having a great time!  While she napped in the ergo, we walked the entire park and looked around.  Then we decided to wait in line to see Mickey Mouse. 

Lo kept saying, "Minnme," over and over.  This is how she says Mickey or Minnie.  She loved him from afar, but once we got up close, this is what happened....Too Funny!

We left the park shortly after and headed back to hotel.  We rested a bit and then headed to Downtown Disney for dinner.  Bad idea.  We had an hour and a half wait at Rainforest cafe, which we thought was no big deal since we got there pretty early.  We walked around downtown and looked in the shops.  When it was finally our turn to eat, they called our name, where we waited in another line.  Not fun with a hungry, tired baby!  The restaurant it really cool though.  Afterwards it took quite a while to get back home.  Really not sure what we were thinking going to Downtown Disney on a Friday night, but you learn from your mistakes, right? 

It was a great day, and by the time we got back to our hotel, we were exhausted! 

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  1. I'm getting a kick out of the picture of Sorcerer Mickey sitting on the floor next to too funny! :)