Monday, December 30, 2013

Lolo - 14 Months! (December 5)

Lolo Bear,

You are now 14 months old.  Seems like the months keep going by faster and faster these days.  I just cherish every single day with you.  You are such a beautiful little blessing.  Your daddy and I love you so very much sweet girl.  I call you my sweet girl all the time, because really, you are so so sweet!  You are a little charmer.  I love it when you just look at me with those big eyes and just grin.  Your chubby little face is just so cute and sweet.  You have become such a vocal little girl.  Always telling us and signing please when you want something.  You are a chatter box and will say pretty much anything we ask you too.  A few new words for you this month are Cinderella, Donald Duck, Belle, and Thank You.  You also love saying "no-no" and pointing your finger while you say it.  It's pretty funny!  For the longest time I couldn't fingure out what you were calling your blankie, but it is something along the lines of..."dan-ee."  Haha!

You love your walker that you got for your birthday.  When you get stuck and want to turn around, you look at us and start saying, "pease pease pease," while signing it, until we turn you around the other way.  You are crusing all of the place and will take a few steps even if we help you.  I know sometime very soon, we are going to have a walker on our hands.  You still love your baby doll and minnie mouse.  You also love stacking things into other things.  You especially love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning.  You also love your cousin Lexi.  She calls you her sister and loves to dress you up!

You love to climb on things and love to get in the front seat of the car and pretend to drive. 

You love bathtime and would play in there for hours if I let you. 

You still love to eat, especially fruit, yogurt, and cheese.  You also love puffs and yogurt melts.  You are a great water drinker too.

You love going up to Macy and Jaxon and giving them kisses and then telling them, "no-no."

You were really sick on Thanksgiving and the 4 days after that with a fever.  It was pretty sad.  We tried to go to the Christmas train but only made it for 30 minutes before we decided to take you home.  You just were not feeling well...poor girl.  Needless to say, Santa didn't go so well. 

We moved to our new house a day before you turned 14 months and you seem to love it!  You are all over the place and love all your new toys that we got out of storage. 

Lolo, I just love you so much.  I am still in such awe over you.  You are a dream come true and and answer to so many prayers.  And what a little blessing you are!  How your daddy and I got blessed with such a sweet, loving, smart little girl is beyond me, but we are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents.  I still thank God every single day for the miracle you are.  We love you to the moon and back, sweet girl!

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