Monday, December 30, 2013

Lolo's Second Christmas

It was our first Christmas in our new house! 

On Christmas Eve, we went to my grandmas like we always do and had dinner.  We got dressed up in our fancy clothes in hopes of going to church, but Lo was exhausted.

Andrew and I stayed up late and put together Lo's new kitchen from Santa.  He had also put together a new play house for her that day as well.  We put them both in her new play room and closed the door.  On Christmas morning, she decided to sleep in until 7:30!  When she woke up we put on her Christmas PJ's and went and opened presents!  It was so fun.  She actually tried to open the presents and then would want to open the box and play with the toy after she opened it.  She understood a lot more than I thought she would this year which made it so much more fun!

This girl is rotten.  She got so many toys!  Her playroom is full of all kinds of fun things. 

She especially loved her little cars that she got and pushes them all over the house. 

After we opened presents at our house, we went to my parents house for more presents and lunch! 

We went home after that and relaxed a bit while Lolo napped.  Then we headed over to Andrew's dads house for more presents and dinner. Lo and Eli had the most fun playing in a box full of wrapping paper!

By the end of the night, we were exhausted!  But it was a great day. 

That following Saturday we had Christmas with Andrew's mom and stepdad at our house.  Andrew cooked a great dinner and then we opened more presents and relaxed. 

We had a great Christmas, and one thing is certain, Lolo is one loved little girl! 

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  So blessed this Christmas to celebrate with my little family.  Lolo has been the greatest little gift of all for us.  We thank God for her every day!

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