Friday, November 15, 2013

Walt Disney World - Day 1

I had a peds conference in Orlando a couple of weeks ago and what better excuse to tag my husband and Lolo along than to go to Disney World!  I love this place so much!!  And I am determined to have Lolo love it just as much so she can convince her daddy, who doesnt love it so much, to go every year :)  It is the happiest place on Earth!

We had a great time! 

The first day was an early one, we left Tulsa at 6:55 am.  Lolo did great though!  She slept on both flights and was so pleasant.  I was worried because the two days before she had to get shots for her ear infection that wasn't going away.  But it didn't even phase her. 

We got into Orlando around noon and caught the Magical Express to our hotel.

As soon as we got in we all took a much needed nap.  After naptime we met up with my friend Misti and her family who were also there for the conference.  It was so great to see them!

We had dinner at the hotel and it was a delicious seafood buffett!  Yum!  What a great way to start our vacation!


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