Monday, December 23, 2013

Walt Disney World Day 5 & 6

On Day 5, we went to Downtown Disney and shopped and hung out.  I love Downtown Disney and the cute shops so much!

On Day 6 we went to Magic Kingdom!  The best park in my opinion!  I love Magic Kingdom.  It's so magical :)  It was a great day too!  It was the least crowded, or at least it seemed that way, maybe because the park is so much bigger than the others.  We didn't wait in line for anything, not even Minnie Mouse!

We saw the princesses first!  She loved them! 

Then we saw Minnie and Daisy!  Minnie's Boutique was so cute!!

We rode the Pirates of the Carribean ride first, then we did the Little Mermaid ride, which Lolo LOVED!  We also rode Winnie the Pooh and Lo had a fun time hanging out in front and playing in the "100 acre woods."

And a visit isn't complete without doing the tea cups, right?!  She seemed to like this ride too, despite the scared look on her face.

We did storytime with Belle, which I also think she really enjoyed.  It was a neat interactive story that allowed all the kids to participate.  Afterwards we walked around the shops and ate lunch.  It was a great day!  And I really think Lo enjoyed herself, which made it even better.  I can't wait to take her back! 

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