Friday, December 20, 2013

Walt Disney World - Day 4

On Day 4, we decided to go to Animal Kingdom that morning.  It was packed!  We first did the animal safari.  It's so cool how they have designed the area of the park to be like Africa and help make the animals feel more at home.  Lolo love the safari so much, she fell asleep :)  Sweet girl! 

We waited in line to see Mickey and Minnie again.  Lo didn't cry this time, but she was not impressed.  When I sat her down she immediately tried crawling away, so funny! 

After seeing them, she snoozed in the baby ergo and we went to watch the lion king.  Lolo slept through the entire performance and it was loud!  Lion King was great though!  I highly recommend. 

We ate lunch at a little asian place.  Lo had a little food pouch and decided to squirt it ALL over her face.  It was really hard not to laugh.  Poor girl did not think it was funny. 

After lunch we went to dinoland in the park and rode a ride then called it a day and headed back to hotel. 

We napped and walked to the boardwalk and went shopping while Andrew worked out.  Afterwards we had dinner at the hotel and called it a night! 

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