Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek Randoms

It's time for midweek randoms! 

I recently picked these up from Wal-Mart because I saw them mentioned on this blog. And they are delicious!  I highly recommend them!  Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate, together...must be a health food! :)

Pick some up!  You won't regret it!

I have no cell phone service at work and it is seriously starting to drive me CRAZY!  It is SO hard having no cell phone service when you have a baby that is being taken care of by someone else!  I must fix this problem before I go insane, any suggestions?!

We went to Arkansas to visit one of my bffs LeighAnn this past weekend!  Her parents have a pool and Lolo LOVED it!  Andrew put her feet in the water and when I went to get her to put her swimsuit on she started fussing at me because I took her out of the water.  Once she got back in she was squealing she was so happy!

When we got back in town we went to eat at Cracker Barrel and check on our house being built.  Cracker Barrel has the cutest little high chairs for kids.  They look like little adult chairs.  Doesn't she look so grown up? :(

Our new house is coming along nicely!!  It is almost done being framed and there are windows!  Yay!!  I can't wait to move in!  CAN.NOT.WAIT!

And because I just love her...


  1. Your little girl is SO CUTE!!! :) I love your adorable blog, too :) Excited I found you through the Mid-Week Randoms link up!!