Thursday, August 1, 2013

San Diego - Day 4 & 5

On Saturday we took Lolo to the beach to try to take a few pics of her. This girl hates the beach! Hates the sand and all its texture! I am going to have to get her a sandbox and get her over this, because this mom loves the beach!

These pictures crack me up!  I laugh every time I look at them.  And the one where I am holding her, she just looks so irritated that we are making her be on the beach, and she's saying, "get me out of here, I am NOT impressed."  Hahaha.  Miss Priss.  I am definately putting these pics in frames for her to enjoy later in life ;)

We then hung out with Andrew's cousin who is in the marines and went back up to La Jolla to the Torrey Pines State Park to hike some more. It was beautiful and peaceful!

We walked around La Jolla for a few minutes and then headed back to the hotel for some more fish tacos!  Yum!

We had a great vacation and it was so nice to get away and just be together for a few days. I can't wait until our next vacation!

Here is our sweet girl enjoying one last view from our balcony before heading to the airport. 

She was sucha good girl on the plane ride home!  Can you say professional traveler?!?  Must take after her mommy :)

Next trip up...Disney!!

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