Tuesday, July 30, 2013

San Diego - Day 3 & Our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Friday, July 19th, was our 5th wedding anniversary! We had a great day! We spent the day in La Jolla which is this gorgeous little town in north San Diego right on the coast. It was so pretty! The coast line was full of cliffs and seals and little coves. We hiked for a bit then got lunch at a small little cafe. It was so good! And the cookies were even better! I highly recommend it!

La Jolla really is a gorgeous little town, right on the coast.  If I lived in San Diego, this is where I would want to live.  So beautiful!


Before we left, we decided to walk around the cute little shops.  As we were walking around the shops in La Jolla, we stumbled upon Lolo's store.  She was so excited, can't you tell?!?  As was her daddy that they had nothing in her size  ;)

After we returned back from La Jolla, we stopped in town to have some appetizers and walk around a bit.  We went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on Cookie Butter too!  It is THAT good!

When we got back to the hotel, Lolo and I took a little walk around the resort.  It was a nice resort right on the bay with its own private beach! 

For dinner we went to the fish market in Downtown San Diego on the bay. We have both ate there before and wasn't impressed the first time for some reason, but decided to give it a shot again...and well lets just say we aren't the best orderers. We ordered the clam bake thinking that it would be full of shrimp and fish, but it wasn't...It was full of clams, go figure, hence the name! What were we thinking?!? It wasn't bad though and it was both our first time eating clams and besides being a little a lot chewy they weren't too bad ;)


What a great way to spend our anniversary!  I can't think of a more perfect way to spend our 5th anniversary!  Who would have thought that 5 years ago, after surviving medical school, residency, graduating from college, buying three houses, selling two houses, moving three, almost four times, running a marathon, struggling with infertility, and changing jobs twice, we would be where we are today and have the most amazing and beautiful daughter.  Blessed!!

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