Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yummy Goodness

It's no secret that San Francisco has some of the best food around.  I found the food in San Francisco to be incredible.  On our first night in the amazing city, we had crab legs at the Fog Harbor Fish House which is at Pier 39.  Besides being extremely messy and us getting to pretend we are kids again, they were delicious! 

Who can go to San Fran without eating chocolate at the famous square?  The only person I know is my mom.  In that respect, I definitely, without a doubt, got my sweet tooth from my father and probably my favorite aunt too.  We indulged ourselves at Ghiradelli Square for their famous chocolate sundaes multiple times throughout our stay.  I've never tasted such deliciousness and yummy goodness.  All the walking and running we did justified our treats, I'm sure of it! 

We were in Fisherman's Wharf one night and we were both exhausted and not very hungry so we decided to eat at this little stand called Sally's Famous Fishwich.  I must say that $5.00 for a fish sandwich that fed both of us in San Francisco is a rarity itself, but not to mention this sandwich was sooo good!  I highly recommend it to all inquiring!

We also ate at an Asian place.  I think it was called Fang.  Man, I sure wish I would have taken pictures.  The food was very tasty.  Best poppy-seed chicken I've ever tasted! 

Like I said, the food in San Fran is incredible!  I don't think you can go wrong in your choices, just dont eat at the little mexican place across the street from the W bueno!

Happy eating!

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