Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tulsa Run

The Tulsa Run began in 1978 with a challenging and scenic course running through the best of downtown Tulsa and the scenic River Parks. 31 years later, this Tulsa tradition is still going strong and each passing year only adds to its interesting history.

The Tulsa Run is so much fun, if you have never partaken in the tradition of running this race that runs through downtown tulsa and along the river each year, and you live in or around the Tulsa area, you must do so!  There is something so fun about this torturous run filled with 10+ hills and turns.  There are thousands of runners lined up at the start and there area always several bands playing along the course.  Runners and spectators are decked out in their most festive halloween costume and volunteers are scattered throughout cheering and encouraging all us crazy runners along the entire course.  

This year was special though.  I have a feeling that it will always be a memorable one for me.  It was my husbands first time to ever run the Tulsa Run and it was his longest distance to run in an organized run to date!  I was so proud of him!  He is doing so good in his training for this thing they call a marathon and I'm so lucky to have someone to partake in the torture training with me! 

It was also the year that my mom beat me by one second, yes, only one.  I'd say I am bummed, but I'm not.  And I'd make excuses that I have worked almost 250 hours in the past three weeks and that the sick kiddos gave me croup and had me out of my training regimen for almost 2 weeks, but I won't!  I'm actually so proud of my mom.  She trains so hard all the time and it's paying off!  Let's just call her Speedy Gonzalez cause she blew those in her age group, and mine, haha, away!  Go mom Go!  Watch out Shannon, you're next! 

Put the Tulsa Run on your bucket list if you have not yet done so!  It's one that you won't forget!  

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