Monday, October 11, 2010


It's no secret that my husband and I like to run together.  I love that I have convinced him to run with me and become crazy and obsessed.  It's so much more fun to run with him than just me and my crazy psychotic ADD freak of a dog.  Anyway....recently, we ran a 5K in San Francisco.  It was the most incredible run I have ever done and here is why....

Enough said? I think so...

FYI: I could go on and on about San Francisco and probably will :)


  1. I think I will move there!!! If I had that view every morning I could for sure stay motivated!!!!!!!!! WOW!~ How awesome!

  2. Wow. I miss running in SF. It was so easy to just go forever and just be totally distracted by the beauty. The river just doesn't do it for me! Glad you enjoyed my old city!