Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out of the mouths of kids...

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I admitted a kid with a snake bite over this past weekend.  Here is how our conversation went...Keep in mind this little 12 year old boy is from a small country town and has the biggest little hick voice you will ever hear, so add some southern twang people!

Me: Why did you go and get bit by a snake for?

Hick boy: I's a chasin armadillas!  (aka armadillo)

Me: You were what?

Hick boy: I's a chasin' armadillas.  It's fun.  You should try it.

Me: Ya, no thanks.  So where does the snake come into play if you were chasing armadillos?

Hick boy: I chased the armadilla into his hoe in the ground, I had the armadilla by the tail wit my hand in the hole and a snake bit my thumb.

Me:  What kind of snake bit you?

Hick boy: A copperhead!  Biggest one I'er seen!

Me:  Did you bite it back?

Hick boy: Nooooo, my parents killed it.  They have it wit them and are bringing it up here.

Me: There what????

Hick boy: Their bringing it up here.

Me: Oh no they are not!!!  I bet you wont be chasing armadillos anymore?!?

Hick boy: Ya I will!

Me:  What are you going to do if they next time you get bit by a snake he bites your thumb off?

Hick boy: Well duh, I'll learn how to chase armadillas one handed. 

Me: Well ok then. 

Kids...Gotta love 'em!

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