Friday, October 8, 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco

"It's an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world" -Oscar Wilde

My husband and I and another couple that we are good friends with went to San Francisco over the past weekend.  My friend and I were sent because of a pediatric conference being held there that we were to present some research at.

We decided to bring our husbands along and make a little trip out of it.  If you have never been to San Francisco before do yourself a favor and put it on your bucket list of places to go before you die.  Its absolutely amazing!! One of my most favorite cities I have ever visited.  Incredible I tell you!  So so awesome!  

We went to Alcatraz one day.  I was not anticipating it like my husband was, but boy was I pleasantly surprised.  So much history and such a neat, in a weird sort of way, place.  Alcatraz is situated on a big huge rock out in the middle of the bay.  The views there are without a doubt some of the best in the city, ironically speaking.  We were given little headsets that gave us an audio tour of the facility and lead us over the entire prison.  It was a pretty cool experience to say the least! 

he just wishes he could lock me up at times...
"Alcatraz and history go hand in hand. Once home to some of America's most notorious criminals, the federal penitentiary that operated here from 1934 to 1963 brought a dark mystique to the Rock. The presence of infamous inmates like Al "Scarface" Capone, and the "Birdman" Robert Stroud helped to establish the island's notoriety. To this day, Alcatraz is best known as one of the world's most legendary prisons."

We also decided to be as much of tourists as possible and enjoy the double decker sightseeing bus.  It's such a fun way to learn about the city and the history behind it, while also making sure you are able to visit all the major sites the city has to offer.  It took us all over the place...   

From Lombard Street

 to china town

to the painted ladies

kuddos to the first person to guess why this was on my bucket list...

on to the golden gate bridge, which next to the Statue of Liberty, is one of the coolest sites I have seen!!!

and fishermans wharf

 oh and lets not forget Ghiradelli square.... yummm....

One of the days we were there the pediatric conference sponsored a 5K run.  It was without a doubt the most unique 5K my husband and I have ever done, definitely had the best view around!  And it was flat!  Who would have thought San Francisco was flat?!?  It was along the coast line to the Golden Gate Bridge and back.  What a sight!!! 

And who can forget the seals sea lions!  Amazing creatures!

As always the trip went way too fast.  It was so much fun!  A truly brings a meaning to the song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" by Tony Bennett.  A more detailed post to come soon....

"Leaving San Francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. You want to linger as long as possible. " -Walter Cronkite

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  1. BTW, if you turned around and walked back up Lombard, and then walked down the other side of the hill, you would arrive at La Casa de Jane. Fun times. All your posts have made me miss it!