Monday, July 31, 2017

Life Lately

The month of July flew by!  Lo and I were supposed to run the princess run one weekend, but it poured.  So we went to Trader Joes instead.  The kids love that place because they have little carts for them to push.

Lo and Drew never miss the opportunity to go on a run with me!  Sometimes we run on the trails and go to the little pond.  Drew loves looking at the fish. 


Drew is such a mess these days!

How many Willis' can you fit in a crib?

We went to the park one day to feed the birds and turtles and look at the Alpacas.  They love doing this! 

My sister watched the kids again one day and had them all painting at once.

Lo loves snapchat!

Drew loves mowing with his daddy!

And the other two love hanging with their mama!


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