Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Seaside - Days 3 & 4

The next day, I got up early and went for a run and got to see this view...amazing!

Then we all got ready to head back to the beach!

The big kids had fun playing in the sand, while the little ones enjoyed the shade.

This little guy was full of meltdowns and then soon passed out on his daddy.  Poor guy was tired. 

That afternoon, it poured.  We hung out inside and then got ready to head to the beach to take some pictures.  The kids looked so cute!



The next day, I got up and went for a quick run and we headed to the pool.  The kids had so much fun at the pool!


After pool time, we headed home to eat lunch and take naps and then hung out at the house for a bit. 

We headed back to the beach after naps!  We found out it was the best time to go.  It wasn't crowed and the sun wasn't as intense so we didn't have to haul ALL THE STUFF!  Nora loved the beach!  She loved the sand and the waves and would go to the water and lay on her belly and just kick!

After the beach, we went to eat dinner in Seaside and get a Frosty!  It was a great day!

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