Friday, August 4, 2017

Nora Sue 17 months

It seems like you have really changed this month!  You are talking more and more and comprehending everything.  You love running to us when we get home from work and giving us hugs.  You are all over the place and climbing on everything.  You love playing in your sisters room and getting into all her accessories. 

I think the pantry is probably one of your favorite places.  You love to eat and love to make messes in there.   You will grab whatever it is that you want and insist that we get it for you.  When we ask you to get us a bowl for your snack, you happily walk over to the drawer and pull one out. 

You love going on stroller rides with me in the neighborhood and are so content the entire time. 

You still love swimming and love being outside!

You went on your first plane ride and did so awesome!

You finally got to ride in the cart at the grocery store for the first time, instead of being in the ergo, and loved every minute of it. 

You love to sleep, love to take baths, and love to eat.

You are so content playing with your siblings and try to mimic everything they do.

You are such a fun kid!  I feel like I say this with all my babies, but you are so easy and such a great baby!  You just go with the flow and never make a fuss. 


We love you sweet Nora Sue!!

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