Monday, May 5, 2014

Lo - 19 Months

Another month has gone by my sweet Lo.  You are now 19 months old and still just as sweet and cute as can be.  We love you so so much.  You are seeming like such a big girl these days.  You still love to go outside and love to swing!  Your Pop-Pop built you a swing for our yard and everytime you see it you ask to "meem."  And everytime we take you out of the swing it is a battle, you get so upset with us.  You love to sit in your wagon (wah-wah) and kick your soccer ball still.  You also love to play with sidewalk chalk.  When you pick a piece up, you say your name, "Lo" and then try to write your name. 

I took you outside to swing the other day and it was right around nap time.  You must have been tired!   Funny girl!!

You are learning your colors and definately know yellow, pink, and purple.  I think purple is your favorite because every time you see something purple, you tell us.  Your daddy has been working on your numbers with you and you do pretty good counting to 10.

You are starting to put two words together and have quite the little vocabulary these days.  Your favorite word still being, "nooooo."  Little stinker.

You have become quite fond of your baby dolls.  You especially love your baby cinderella, because you think she is Elsa, and your baby Anna doll.  You love these babies and have recently requested to sleep with them and make me put a sleep sack on them too.  You push them around in your stroller daily and also make sure they get their turn in the swing.  Anytime we go swing, your babies are coming with us.  You are still Frozen obsessed and ask to watch it everytime we get in the car.  I think you have most of it memorized because you will sing random parts to the.  You also still like watching Signing Time and do the signs along with them.

You love to paint and color and blow bubbles.  You love to get presents and were quite spoiled with them this month.

You finally started liking flowers and want to pick weeds all the time.

You love having your hair in a ponytaily (potail) just like your mommy.  You found a rubberband on the ground and handed it to me requesting that I put your hair up.


We went out to eat the other day and the waitress was filling up my cup with water, I told her thank you and you then told her thank you and signed it to her.  It was so sweet!  You have started saying thank you unprompted now and it is just so cute. 

 You are still a messy eater with your yogurt, haha!

And you love climbing on things, into things, riding things, etc.  Little monkey!

You especially love your Pop-Pop and have become "obsessed" with him as my mom says.  When he is around you want to be near him.  The other day you went and got him and took him outside so that you could swing.  He of course took you. You are rotten!

You love playing with your toys in the living room floor.

You still love cuddling with your daddy in the morning.

Your daddy makes me a smoothie every morning and now it seems like you have taken a liking to them.  You kept telling me more, more, more!


You know that a stethoscope is to listen to a heart and you put your toy one on and listened to your baby's heart without even being asked.  It was too cute.   

You still love Roxy!  She follows you all over. 

Another month has gone by and I just seem to love you more and more.  You are just so sweet and funny and the best little girl!  So blessed to be your mommy!  We love you so very much sweet girl!

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