Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28

I came home from work this particular Monday and just felt funny.  I had a feeling was just not right.  So...I took a pregnancy test...And it was positive!  I wasn't really suprised, in that I had a feeling...but I just couldn't believe it.  How does one struggle with infertility for a couple years, have to take fertility meds to get pregnat the first time, and then just get pregnant without really even trying?!?  Well, I know how it happens, but still...

Like everything in life, God definately had a hand in it!  I mean, we had just started talking about having more kids the week before, it's just crazy how things work out!  We had our first doctors appointment when I was 7 weeks along and it confirmed everything!  I was just speechless.  Had nothing to say except, "crazy."


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