Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lolo - 18 months

 Sweet Lolo bear,

You are 18 months old!  A year and a half!  I can't believe it!  You are so sweet and cute and also so ornery.  This is how your 18 month photo shoot went... 


You are so funny!  You are becoming such a little girl these days.  We just love you so much!!

You love to be outside still!  You love to swing (meem) and slide.  I really think you could stay outside for hours.  We started having picnics outside and you eat so well.  You love sitting in your wagon and love walking Gizzy.


You have recently started requesting to hold both your daddy and I's hand and walk and I think it is just the cutest thing.  

You love to eat, especially yogurt and pizza.  You make quite the mess too and think its so funny!

 You love your mommy so much and when we are together we just have so much fun!

You also love your daddy and love to cuddle with him while watching your new favorite cartoon Frozen.

You and your daddy were recently my cheerleaders at a 5K I did in our neighborhood.

You love the dogs, and you and Roxy have seemed to develop quite the little bond.  I catch her kissing you all the time.

You still love to be read to and you will get a book, and say lap, and just plop down in my lap and wait for me to read to you. 

You can be quite content walking around the house and staring out the windows.

You love to play in ice and request it several times a day.  It is one of your favorite things to do.  You are also obsessed with water bottles and could play with them and water cups all day long.  If given the choice of a toy or a water bottle, you will choose water bottle every single time.

I took you to the park one day and you wanted nothing to do with the pretty flowers or getting your picture taken.  You kept telling the flowers "No" and "bye bye."  I'm not sure when you became afraid of flowers, but it was pretty funny.

You ask for help a lot, especially when it comes to walking up or down a step.  You will stop, hold out your hand, and say "hep."  You give the best hugs and say "ooooo" with everyone.  When you want something and I am not paying attention you will take my hand and show me what you want.  You definately have figured out how to get what you want.

Your daddy taught you how to count to three.  It's soo cute!

We love you sweet Lolo bear!  I can't believe you are a year and a half.  Time is sure flying, but I sure love this stage and all the new things you are learning.  You are the sweetest, cutest, most cuddly little girl and love hanging out with your mommy and daddy.  I sure hope you always feel this way.   

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