Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marathon training weeks 16 & 17.5 - Life happens

All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me...  
Walt Disney

I am waaaaay behind!  As most of you know, we just finished the marathon!  More about that in a bit.  For now, I want to tell you all about our last few weeks of training.  Week 16 consisted of running 5, 8, 4 and a 12 mile long run.  It was pretty uneventful.  Week 17 was a 4, 6, 3 and an 8 mile long run.  Our training week was cut a little short due to our mini vacation to Colorado to bring in the new year with Andrew's family.  I ran my 8 mile long run on the Thursday before the weekend as opposed to actually running the long run during the weekend like we were supposed to.  Andrew was not able to run the long run, due to waiting until the last minute to pack time constraints.  We left for Colorado on Friday and I must tell you, I had every intention on running while we were there; however it did not happen.  I went 6 days without running and then finally did my two last training runs, that were 4 and 3 miles, until the marathon.  Was this smart of me?  I dunno.  Looking back now, I think so!

The inevitable happened for Andrew though....He got the flu on our trip, 6 days before the marathon.  He was only able to run a short 2 mile run during the week and a half prior to the big day.  Life stinks happens!  He was pretty stressed during the week before race day.  And I don't blame him one bit!  I can only imagine the thought of putting in all the time training over the past 3 months and then to get the flu.  Oh how I wish he would have gotten a flu shot!  Better luck next year, along with getting a flu shot for sure!

On a more positive note, we did it!!!  We completed the 18 week training program recommended by the famous Hal Higdon.  I am so proud of Andrew for sticking to the plan and doing it with me.  It really takes a lot of time and dedication to even attempt, let alone finish.  Good job hunny!

Stay tuned for how the marathon went.  Coming soon!

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