Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colorado - Heaven on Earth

We decided to bring in the New Year by going to Colorado with Andrew's family.  Can I just begin to tell you how beautiful Colorado it?!?!  It's breathtaking!  If I wasn't afraid I was going to freeze to death, I think I just might move there.  My husband and his family all ski...I shop!  I tried skiing, once.  I ended up hurting my knee and will never try again.  Doesn't bother me a bit though.  Luckily for me, Andrew's grandma and step-mom didn't ski either.  We all three shopped, it was great! 

I had just got done working a month of nights the morning we left.  My wonderful hubby made me a soft and cozy bed in the back of the truck so I could sleep while he drove.  It was great!  The drive up there went so quickly, so it seemed for me.  We even saw windmills in Kansas, or whatever they are.

We had so much fun!  It was great to do a whole lot of nothing after a month of dreadfulness.  I ate and slept and read and shopped and had so much fun with my husband and his family, it was awesome and a great way to bring in the new year!

Oh, and I rode a moose...

sort of :)

The down part of the trip....Andrew getting the flu!!!  He was so sick the day before we left and the rest of the week.  Not ideal for the week prior to our marathon!  Poor guy...  For once, I didn't get sick, I got a flu shot though!  Next year, so will he!

How did you celebrate the New Year?

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