Monday, January 17, 2011

Marathon in Pictures - From Start to Finish

More pictures, for those of you interested, in our marathon that we just completed.  Enjoy :)

The starting line.  If you look closely you can see that it is packed with people.  It is crazy the number of people who run this year after year!  Notice the flames going up in the air, it was so cold prior to starting that as soon as they went off the whole crowd went, "ahhh," because a wave of heat warmed us up for 5 seconds.  Heat never felt so good!   

This is somewhere in the beginning, miles 2-4.  The lights behind us are one of the many ginormous Christmas tress decorated and lit up throughout Disney.  This one was at Epcot center.  Too bad the picture doesn't capture its beauty.

This is between miles 10-11 - the second best part of the course!  I love the Cinderella's castle, its so magical, don't you think? I heart Disney World. 

I believe this is around mile 17 at Animal Kingdom, Dinoland to be exact.

This is at Walt Disney's MGM park and is between miles 22-23, I can't believe I am still smiling!?!  Must be the delirium.

And this is leading up to the finish line...almost there...getting a little choked up...and so very excited!

And the best part of the course...the finish line!!!  Told you I fist pumped!  This one's for you Shannon!  Try not to laugh too hard. 

Final time...3:58:25...Run Disney!

Up next??  Goofy Challenge!  Anyone?!?!

*Sorry about the low resolution of the pictures.

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