Monday, December 20, 2010

You know your a runner if...

1. Your candy drawer at home is filled with sport beans and gu.

2. Your only tan lines are from your socks and watch and you don't care!

3. Your closet is filled with more running shoes than high heels

4. Your Friday nights are planned based on what run you are doing Saturday morning.

5. You can't keep enough Gatorade in stock.

6. Your key hook has a jogger leash hanging on it instead of keys.

7. You buy a new pair of head phones every month.

8. The day your iPod dies you feel like having a ceremony and giving a speech to remind everyone about the times you had...RIP.

9. Your freezer is stocked with ice packs instead of food.

10. You buy the extra large economy size of ibuprofen.

11. You think the inventor of KT Tape should win the Nobel Prize.

12. Instead of a formal dining room you have a place to store not only one treadmill, but also a backup!

13. You think the Pandora station of the Black Eyed Peas is best thing next to dark chocolate.

14.  Blisters and black toenails are a weekly occurrence.

15. Your refrigerator is filled with running calendars instead of pictures.

16. You spend your extra income on foam pads and gadgets that look like they should be carried by the police.

17. Your sunglasses have headphones attached to them.

18. Your bathroom is stocked with running magazines instead of Glamour and Cosmo.

19. You own every invention ever made for stretching your feet.

20. You have more medals hanging on your dresser than necklaces.

21. Your friend buys you an entire box of sport jelly beans for Christmas and you think its the greatest Christmas gift ever!

22. You justify what you eat by how many miles you have run.

23. Your laundry consists of more running shorts and t-shirts than actual work clothes.

24. You have a four legged dog that enjoys running as much way more than you do.

25. You care more about what the weather is going to be like than what you are your husband is going to make for dinner.

26. You don't know any of the streets in your neighborhood, but you know how many miles it is from point to point.

27. Your decision as to when it is time to buy new shoes is based on how much mileage is on them.
28. You have more powerbars in your pantry than any other food combined.

29. When some one refers to "a wall," you automatically think, "Mile 21."

30. You have enough road race shirts to make 5 quilts.

31. And last but not least, you definitely know your a runner when you prefer your watch to be a Garmin instead of a Tag.

Happy Running!

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