Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Memories

I love Christmas time!  Getting all of my Christmas decorations out and decorating the Christmas tree is one of my most favorite days of the year!  From the first day of November, I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving.  For that is the day that I can finally convince my husband to get the tree out of the attic!

I have tubs and tubs and tubs of decorations.  Getting to go through all my stuff to decorate with each year is like Christmas itself at my house.  How so?  Well, you see...every year after Christmas I buy new decorations for the following year, Why after Christmas you ask?  Because they are 75% off, of course!  I am sure this comes as no surprise to some of you!  Anyhow, since a year has passed, getting to go through all the new stuff that is actually a year old, is so much fun and so exciting!

I love decorating my house and getting it all Christmafied, but my most favorite part of it all is decorating the tree.  I have collected so many ornaments over the years and when I get to decorate the tree, I get to re-visit so many wonderful memories of the years past.  I buy Christmas ornaments for every occasion and trip that I can.  Therefore, our tree is one that is full of way too many ornaments and tons and tons of memories and I love it!  I find ornaments to be kind of like pictures, but for the tree.  They help capture wonderful memories that one is able to rekindle during the wonderful holiday season. 

Here are a few for your reading and viewing pleasure...

The year we got engaged, 2007!  My heart became complete.

2008 was such a memorable year, the year we were married, best year of my life! I love this one and all my other 1st Christmas ornaments so much! 

My first marathon.  It was at Walt Disney World, happiest place on Earth!

I can't ever forget about my Alma Mater.  I love OU and the education and best friends it gave me!  I will forever be a Sooner!

And lets not forget the place that gave me the other part of my education!  Definitely a Sooner, but I sure do love OSU medicine and the incredible people it has brought into my life!  

San Francisco, oh how I left my heart there.  I heart you!  Dear hubby, please take me back!

And lets not forget a Dyerette vacation to San Diego, where it all began!  Oh the memories!

We had a blast during our honeymoon to St. Thomas!  Incredible memories.  We even went to St. John for the day.  Most. beautiful. place. ever!  Please go there in your lifetime!

This ornament is from two of my dear friends, Robby & Chelsea.  It was part of their wedding favors!  I love it!  And I just so happen to love baseball!  Go Yankees!  Their wedding was beautiful and I reminisce about it and every other ornament that I have that resembles a wedding I have been to, every Christmas!

This ornament is from my sisters wedding.  Beautiful wedding for two beautiful people. 

And this ornament is from Jamaica.  We went there for my dear friend Tracy's wedding!  I love Jamaica and beach weddings!

And you don't think my Christmas tree would be complete without memories of our dogs, now did you?

And since it is the holiday season and all, let's not forget those less fortunate than ourselves.  Lets remember the reason for the season and give back!  These ornaments remind me how blessed I am and how I need to continue to help fight the fight for those that are struggling and going through rough times, be it cancer or any other illness.  Give back this year folks, I can sincerely promise you will not regret helping others!

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, oh how I love your memories and your reminders!

What is your tree filled with?  What are you doing to give back?


  1. AWE!! I am SOO touched that you still have the ornament from our wedding! You are such a good friend Nicole! Made of gold, I swear! Love you!