Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peace Love & Dogs

Why Peace Love & Dogs?  Well, I dont know, my husband kinda came up with it and I think it's cute!  Everyone always wishes for world peace, people need to love with all their heart, and I love dogs, so there you have it!  I have decided to give blogging a try today, just an on-the-whim decision, we shall see how long it lasts.  First things first, a little about me and my lovely life.  2 years ago I married my long time sweetheart.  Andrew and I met in the 8th grade at Powers Park, became best buds, and things progressed to boyfriend/girlfriend with a little persuading on his part, haha, jk, and now we are happily married.  Of course, we have had our fair share of bumps throughout our long journey the past 10 years, who hasnt?  But now things couldnt be better!  I love him to death and he is my very best friend!  Getting married is without a doubt my most favorite memory and being married to my partner in crime is the greatest feeling in the world.

The happiest day of my life!

My wonderful family

On July 19, 2008, we got married!  We had an amazing honeymoon in St. Thomas, USVI.  St. Thomas is the most beautiful place I have ever been.  We had so much fun.  And have I mentioned it was AMAZING!!!

We currently own a cute little house and have 3 dogs who we adore.  My dog Macy is a princess and is loved way more than most people think is normal.  She is 10 1/2 years old and is one of the lights of my life.  I have had her since I was a senior in high school and absolutely love that dog to pieces.  More about her on a later date.  Jaxon is our 5 year old needy dog.  He is so lovable and just wants to be loved in return.  I call him my little space heater because he sleeps by my feet and keeps my toes warm at night.  Roxy is our ADHD, fun-loving, water-crazy black lab.  We love her to pieces, but always tell her that if she runs away, it'll be ok, because who ever finds her will bring her right back :)


In August 2008, Tracy got married in Jamaica and we got to go to along.  If you have never been to a Sandals resort, Jamaica Whitehouse is a good one to go to.  The resort was incredible, the food delicious, and the staff was so nice.  Tracy's big day was perfect and we loved being able to be there to celebrate with her and David!

So much fun!
In January of 2009, I ran my first full marathon, 26.2 miles, in 4 hours and 26 seconds with my family.  Talk about runners high!  Never been in so much pain in my entire life!  I can't wait to do it again!!

In April of 2009, my husband and I completed our first triathlon.  Swim, bike, run.  Good times!

In May of 2009, I graduated from medical school and entered a pediatric residency program, currently only have 2 more years to go!!!  What a ride its been!  I was so fortunate to meet some of my very best friends through school!

not all my friends pictured :)

 In May, Andrew & I also went to Sandals Antigua to celebrate my graduation and out first year anniversary! 

In July 2009, I started my first day of residency. The past year have been full of tons of emotions, lots of ups and downs, a few breakdowns, and getting asked how old I am more times than I can count, but all in all its been pretty incredible to be a part of these kids lives, I have been blessed beyond reason and have met some awesome people along the way!  Many kuddos to my hubby who puts up with me and my occasional breakdowns along the way.  Couldnt do it without him!

In September, I took Andrew to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox for his birthday.  It was so much fun! And we got to hang out with the coolest 5 year old, now 6, ever.

In March we went to Puerto Morales, Mexico, aka Riviera Maya, for an "I HAVE TO GET AWAY" trip.  We had a blast at this new 5 star cheap resort that I found online.  It was just what I needed and was so beautiful there!

Then in May 2010 we went to Horseshoe Bay, Texas for Alex's awesome wedding! It was stunning and oh so much fun!  I love this girl to pieces!

We stopped in Austin, TX on our way back home.  Met up with one of Andrew's friends for lunch and went to Lance Armstrongs bike shop Mellow Johnnys.  We cannot wait to go back to Austin, such a fun town!  Andrew loved the wall of tires and if you look real close I think you can find the tires he has on the wall.

Ok, I think I got you all caught up to speed on what is happening in our life!  Andrew & I recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary and our looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us.  As of right now, we are training for a half marathon with hopes of running another full marathon in the near future.  Then what?  We shall wait and see...


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