Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend!  I was off on Friday and Monday so we enjoyed lots of time together!  WE got a fun surprise package all the way from Sweden!  Lo was so excited to open it.  Her great grandparents in Sweden always send the most thoughtful gifts and make my kids the cutest little sweaters. 


Lo had a soccer game on Saturday and prior to the game I caught her being so sweet to Drew and reading him a book.

After her soccer game, the kids took naps and then we played outside.


Lo had been so sick, and was finally feeling better and requested sushi and ice cream for dinner.  Her daddy couldn't refuse and brought home the cutest cake.

At bedtime, Nora had on the cutest pjs and Drew wanted a picture too!


Sunday we went and saw the Easter Bunny and on Monday, I decided to bring all three kids to Target, PetSmart, and Children's Place.  In Target, Drew saw an older, bald man and yelled "Hi Grandpa!" I just kept on walking.  Then in PetSmart, Lo was being so sweet again and holding his hand.  Drew loved the animals, especially the cats.  He kept saying hi to the cats and telling them he loved them and trying to kiss their cage.  It was really cute! 

Once we got home, Drew and Nora took a nap and then we enjoyed lots of outside time.


Lo and Drew are playing so well together and just so sweet!  I love their little bond! 

 It was a fun weekend!!

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