Monday, April 17, 2017


We had a great Easter weekend!  Andrew and I were both off on Good Friday and spent the day with the kids.  They dyed eggs and had a great time!

Saturday, Lo had a soccer game!  She is improving every game! 

After the game, we met my mom and Kason at an Easter egg hunt in Claremore.  Lo and Drew both loved it! 


After naps, we went to Andrew's moms house for another egg hunt and a yummy dinner!  It was Allie's birthday as well, so we celebrated her too! 



Saturday evening, Lo planted jelly beans to see if they would grow into suckers.  She was so excited to see if this would really happen and she had a hard time falling asleep due to the excitement of the Easter bunny.

Sunday morning, Lo woke up first and couldn't wait to get up to see if the Easter bunny came.  As soon as she got up, she looked out the back window and didn't see any eggs, so she was convinced he didn't come.  Who knew the Easter bunny was supposed to hide eggs outside?  It was raining, so I told her he was probably going to come back after the rain stopped while she was napping.  After Drew got up, we took them to the front door, where it was clear the Easter bunny had came due to his huge footprints.  He left them all Easter baskets in the office.  Lo and Drew were SO excited!  Then they checked outside to see if there were suckers...and there they were, in a pot because it was pouring outside and the Easter Bunny didn't want them to melt! 


Afterwards, we did church and then went to my mom's house.  We had a great lunch and then the kids did another egg hunt!  They all had so much fun!




After leaving my mom's, Andrew took me home to let Drew and Nora nap, and then took Lo to his dad's. He said she had a lot of fun and told him on the way home how great of a day she had.  Once all the kids were awake, they played outside in the pouring rain and had the best time!


I love Easter!  Such a great day to celebrate Jesus and all he has done for us.  So thankful for these blessings that have been bestowed upon me! 

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