Sunday, April 30, 2017

Life Lately

This kid is growing up way too fast, but moments like this make me feel like he is still my baby.

We definitely enjoyed the April Showers.  My kids could play in the rain puddles for hours. 

These two are becoming best buddies.  I love watching the interact and play together these days. 

Drew is our dog person.  He loves them.  All of them! 

 I found this picture of my mom and it reminds me so much of Nora. 

And then I found this old picture of Lo and put Nora in the same outfit.  It definitely pulled on my heart strings a little bit.

We also welcomed a new puppy into our house.  We named him Louie!  My friend/boss bought me him for my birthday.  The kids have loved having a puppy and Andrew and I are thinking we may have lost our minds. 

Daddy brought home red noses and we celebrated in style!

I got creative one morning and let the kids play in oats.  They had a ball! 

Drew and I had a little snap chat fun one morning.  Love this kid!

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