Monday, September 5, 2016

Lo's pierced ears!

Lo woke up this past weekend and decided she wanted her ears pierced.  She was playing in my jewelry and saw a pair of mickey mouse earrings and told me she wanted to go pierce her ears.  I kinda just ignored it and went on with the day, but as the day went on she kept asking.  The next day, same thing, she kept asking all day when we were going to get her ears pierced.  Towards the end of the day she was begging.  It was too late to go, but Andrew showed her little clips of other girls getting their ears pierced to see if she was serious about doing it.  We told her if she was we would take her the next morning.  When we woke up that next morning, the first thing she asked was if she was going to get her ears pierced! 

We took her to Claire's and I was for sure she would back out.  But she didn't!  She hopped right up on the chair, picked out her earrings and barely flinched!  I was so proud of my big little girl.  She is just seeming so grown up all the sudden!  So bittersweet!! 

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