Friday, September 2, 2016

Drew 19 & 20 Months

Little Man,

You are getting closer and closer to two years old.  You are becoming such a little boy and less of a baby.  You talk so well for your age and say 5-6 word sentences all the time.  Words like "soccer ball goal and flashlight" and normal for you to say on a daily basis.  You answer a question with the correct answer and it just amazes your daddy and I how smart you are.  The other day your daddy asked you how you were doing and you replied with "good." It just blew us away.  When I say your name to get your attention, you reply with "what?" and it cracks me up. 


You know all your body parts and the sound every animal makes.

You love to climb the ladder on the play set and slide down the slide all by yourself.  You love being outside and could play on the "jumper jumper" all day long. 


When you wake up in the morning you are usually a sweet little guy and will say "hi daddy" or "hi mama" as soon as you see us, then you ask for yogurt and want to eat.  You like to watch Daniel Tiger while you are eating breakfast.  You have started to skip your morning nap, but really struggle around 11 or 12.  You still sleep great in your crib and are still sleeping in your sleep sack. You are obsessed with your blankies and your thumb too. 

You and your daddy have a really sweet bedtime routine where he gets you dressed and reads you a book. You sing twinkle twinkle, your abc's, and count to 10. 

You love your sisters so much and will try to hug and kiss Nora all the time. 


You still hate getting your haircut, but will sit still with a sucker.

You can be an angry little guy too and try to hit and throw things when you aren't getting what you want or if you are frustrated. 

We love you little man!  Even when you are angry to us after we get home from work and try to hit us.  You are still super sweet at times and your little face just melts me. 

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