Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lolo - 16 Months



My sweet little girl, you are 16 months old and just as fun as can be! 

You love pushing your stroller through the house with your baby or Minnie in it. 

Your nana taught you how to wink, and it is just so cute! 

It snowed a few times this month and you love looking out the window and saying, "no" and pointing at the snow.  When put down in the snow for a brief second though, you were not a fan.  You still love your snacks and ask for them all the time. 

Since you started walking, you have become an independent little girl and always want "dow" and free to walk everywhere, including the stores we go in. 

You went to Disney World again this month and had so much fun, minus getting sick. 

You love all things girly and carry your purse around like a big girl.  You love to wear my bracelets and necklaces too. 

You love cookies, definately know what the word means, and always ask for more when given a small piece. You must get this from me. 

You are such a mommy's girl, but love your daddy so much too.  Your cousin Lexi loves you so much and dresses you up in her princess dresses everytime you are around her. 

Recently you have started playing tea party with us and its so cute.  You don't like to share your tea, but you do like to "cheers" and fill your cup up. 

Since the weather has been nicer we have been going on runs in our neighborhood with Roxy.  You love this!  You just sit back and relax in your stroller and eat your snacks.  I am so glad you enjoy this! 

We lost our sweet dog Macy this past month, and you must have sensed how upset I have been because you have been extra cuddly with me and extra clingy.  Everytime you see her picture, you point to it and say, "baby."     

We love you so so much sweet girl!  Your sweet personality is so contagious and your cute little grin just melts my heart.  I wish time would slow down a bit, but I sure do love watching you grow into your cute little self.  We just adore you!!

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