Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lolo - 17 Months


You are 17 months old!  You are becoming quite the independent little girl.  You have an opinion about everything it seems and aren't afraid to tell us "no" if you don't want to do something.  You love going outside and will stand by the door and say "side," a million times until we take you out.  When we take you out you stand by the step and put your hand up and say "help" until we come and help you down the step.  You got a wagon for your first birthday.  We thought you would love riding in it.  When we took you out in it you only wanted to push it, no riding for you...little stinker.  And when we go for "stroller rides" around the neighborhood, you like fully relaxing with your leg up on the tray.  So funny!

You love little kids and when you see our neighbors kids you scream with such delight, it's so funny!

You still love to watch baby signing time in the morning and have started doing signs I didn't even know you knew, like car and flower.  I am pretty sure you pick up on a lot more than we give you credit for and are quite the smart little girl.

You sat with me one night and watched about 20 minutes fo Tangled and loved it.  You have also watched bits and pieces of The Lion King and when it gets to the scary parts you tells us "all done." 

When you fall or drop something you say, "oh no."  It's so cute!  You still love you babies!

When you are tired or not feeling well, you tell us "noooooo" when you dont want something.  It's quite dramatic. :)

You love playing with ice and in the water.  It will keep you entertained for quite sometime. 

You also love staring at yourself in the mirror and saying "lolo."

I taught you the word "mine."  What was I thinking?!  You tell us "mine" especially when it comes to your blankie.  Usually the first word when you wake up from your nap when you see us, is "mine" as you grab your blankie.

When we go to Target and I get a drink from Starbucks, you immediately want my cup.  So now, I ask them for an extra empty cup just for you.  Spoiled much?!

You can make most of the animal sounds, including snake, lizard, bear, cow, and owl.

You love pulling your shirt up and telling us where your belly button is.  You also think its funny to stick your finger in your nose. 

You give the best little hugs and have started sayin "ohhh" when you hug us, you also make the smacking sound when you give us kisses.  So sweet! 

You love brushing your teeth and ask to do so at least twice a day, if not more. 

When we ask if you want to eat, you will go to your high chair and say eat, then when you are getting ready to eat, you say "pray" and put your hands together.  I love that you do this! 

It seems like you are changing so much these days.  You are becoming such a little girl.  You are definately going to be head strong, determined, and stubborn.  You are also the sweetest, most cuddly baby.  We just love you so very much sweet girl!  I love watching you grow and change, I just wish the days would go a little slower. 

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  1. What a darling little girl! I loved all of your pics!