Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lolo - 15 Months

Sweet Lolo,

You are 15 months old!  It sure is crazy how fast the months seem to be flying by.  You started walking this month!  You took  your first steps on Dec 14th and then the weekend after Christmas you really started voluntarily walking and that next week were prefering to walk more than crawl.  It sure is cute seeing you walk around with your hands high up in the air and the biggest grin on your face. 

You are loving your new house and are all over the place.  You love your playroom and the house your daddy bought for you.  You also love your  ballpit, your kitchen, doing puzzles, and reading.  You love your babies and when you pretend to feed them you make a smacking sound with your mouth.  You rock your babies and kiss them all the time.  You love jewelery and I can't wear any bracelets without you begging for them and putting them on your wrist. You love pushing your walker and shopping cart around, and love riding on your two new little cars.  When you are pushing your walker around, you have begun carrying your purse with you, so funny!  Where did you learn all this prissyness?

I love hearing you make animal sounds, its just so cute and funny.  You know the sounds that an elephant makes, a kitty cat, a dog, a sheep, a horse, and a monkey, and you try to howl when we ask you what jaxon says. 

Minnie Mouse is still your favorite and you always ask to watch her in the morning when you get up.  When I take you to see your Aunt Shannon in the morning on Mondays and Tuesdays, as soon as we get in the car you ask to watch "baby."  You love baby signing time!  And you repeat a lot of what it says, especially the phrase "hard day" while putting your hands on your head.  Its so funny!

You still love to eat and eat pretty well for the most part.  You are especially fond of your "snacks."  We put yogurt melts in a snack cup and let you eat them after naps or in the car and now anytime you see a snack cup lying around you say, "sna, sna, sna," "pease, pease, pease" until we fill your cup up.  You also still love your bread.  We took you to olive garden to eat and you tried to hide your bread from your daddy so he wouldn't take it from you.  Silly girl!

You have started pointing people out of pictures you see, well you will point out mama, dada, and lala (lolo).  You also say, "no-no" or "baby" when you see a picture of Macy.

I love you so much sweet Lolo bear.  You are such a sweet girl, such a charmer, and just the happiest little girl.  And you sure do love your mama and dada. 

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